Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Thoughts

:: President Rule of Law has already declared Bradley Manning guilty, saying "He broke the law." That's a pretty irresponsible thing to say as a President of the United States, as the Commander-in-Chief of the US military, and as an expert in constitutional law. Isn't that basically unlawful command influence? Is a fair trial even possible now? Can you imagine how the US would react if any other national leader did something like that? How about letting the judicial branch of government decide that?

This Administration is so in love with the overabundance of power that the previous Administration left behind, and it's kind of terrifying to realize that we are never going back. There's no incentive for people in power to give up any of the powers they have.

:: Democrats: if you want to win senior voters in 2012, go on the offensive and attack the Republicans on voting for the Medicare-killing Paul Ryan budget. There have already been some ads, but you really need to carry this one over the goal line.

:: I genuinely believe this Donald Trump spectacle is harming our country. I can't help it. Why is anyone even paying attention to this ass?

:: In the UK, when welfare cases get married at taxpayer expense, they call it a royal wedding. Sorry, I'm too busy overpaying for healthcare to give a damn about it.


Roger Owen Green said...

Someone, I wish I remember who, talked about the 'box of powers' that a President has, and the more powers he has in the box, regardless of party or philosophy, the more likely he is to use them. the Dems should have tried to strip the Presidency (not the President, tho it would have been perceived as the same thing) when they could, which was 2009.

Jaquandor said...

It's not just Presidential power. Democrats had the opportunity to go a long way to fixing the procedurally-broken Senate, but they'd much rather have the power of the filibuster themselves next time they're in the minority. Of course, I have a strong suspicion that the next time the Republicans have the Senate, eliminating the filibuster will be at the top of the priority list. And as usual, when Democrats scream bloody murder about it, the media will paint them as being partisan.