Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Couch

Becca and I picked up a couch on a whim the other day. There's a Goodwill store over by our grocery store, and we just decided on Monday to go in and take a look at furniture.

We've had a futon for a few years, and it's been falling apart forever. We really wanted to rearrange the living room and pull the couch away from the wall, at an angle, and then move the TV into a corner, put it at an angle, and get it out of the sun. But to do that, we needed a new couch. If we pulled the futon away from the wall, it would've fallen right over.

We ended up picking this one up on a day when the used furniture was half off. This one wasn't my favorite, actually, but Becca really liked it and, because it was covered in stains--grease stains and deep red fiber stains from spot pillows that were on it--it was the cheapest. At half off, it came to $4.50. Not a bad deal, and Becca figured she could clean it up.

So we bought it, then drove to a place that rented U-Hauls and got a van for $19.95. The guy said if we got it back in under an hour--the last hour the place was open--he'd give us a 50% discount since the vans were on their last legs and being replaced the next day. So we drove it back to the Goodwill, picked up our couch, brought it home, got it up the stairs (it was also the lightest couch, and that factored into our decision--the ones I liked were sofa beds, and I didn't want to lug those up three flights), and got the van back in 48 minutes. And that's how we managed to grab ourselves a couch for under 15 bucks.

Becca bought some fabric cleaner and gave the couch a really good cleaning. Except for some scuff marks on the side, she got all the stains out. The futon was horrifyingly easy to dismantle; we had the bottom propped up with boxes and leftover shelves, and when we took off the cushion, the bars on the bottom were pretty much gone. Futons aren't meant to last the, I think, eight years we had it. When I was removing the sides, one of them just fell right over...

So now the living room's all re-arranged, and it's almost like having a new place. Our set-up has been the same for the decade we've lived here, so it's nice have something different. Combined with the new counters, cabinets, and refrigerator we got a month ago, this place is looking really nice.

The only real problem we had was Thumper. Rabbits don't like it when their normal routines are disrupted, so it took him a couple of days to get used to it. He was very apprehensive about the couch, but now he likes it.

So everything's alright.

It's a small accomplishment, but it's something.


Kal said...

I like any change especially in spring. Must be why I am feeling so down lately. My changes have not come quickly enough. Maybe when I finally commit to visiting New York and not freaking about having the house to myself for the eight weeks my mom is in Australia I will feel better. But as it is now I can barely sleep.

Mob said...

It looks awesome man, especially for under $20! Hope the bunny adjusts to the new chill area.

Starly said...

Love the new couch! What a GREAT bargain!!!