Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Marvel Comics Challenge

This was another 30 Day Challenge from Tumblr created by Comics Corner. I decided I'd do it here as a meme.

1. Your favorite character.
The great thing about Marvel Comics characters--at least, what I used to love about them--is how easy they were to relate to. I related a lot to Spider-Man over the years because Peter Parker was unpopular and overwhelmed. I related to Nightcrawler from the X-Men because I thought I was ugly and I was an outcast. I related a lot to the Hulk because I could get angry and freak out pretty quickly over anything. So I guess, in a big way, Spidey, Nightcrawler, and the Hulk are my favorite Marvel characters.

If I have to pick just one, I'm going to say Spider-Man. Marvel's never done better comics than the original Stan Lee-Steve Ditko run on The Amazing Spider-Man, anyway.

2. Your favorite villain.
Dr. Doom, especially in the early years of Fantastic Four, before writers got too carried away in his grandiosity.

3. Your favorite diva.
I'm not even sure what this question really means. I find divas and the whole concept pretty tiresome. Have you ever read the early Ant-Man stories or the early issues of The Avengers where the Wasp keeps complaining about wanting to go dancing and how handsome Thor is? That shit got old in the first 2 seconds.

4. Your favorite royal.
I like the tragedy of Black Bolt. I liked Namor when he wasn't a bad guy but was angry and misunderstood.

5. Your favorite team.
The Pet Avengers are my new favorites. All of the others have been run into the ground by now. I always hated those issues of The Avengers where they had to have a freaking conference of everyone who's ever been an Avenger just to decide who the new team is going to be, as if Spider-Man is actually going to stick around this time. And then, to supplement people who have their own books, it's always losers like the Black Knight and wastes of space like Tygra. Who cares? Those issues had very few surprises. And gosh, there are so many X-Men now that they don't even need to bother fighting for tolerance, since they've practically bred out the population. These guys could form their own nation now.

6. Your favorite organization.
I can't think of one. The Marvel Universe always had lame-o's like AIM or Hydra hanging around the place. Even SHIELD was never really interesting, despite Jim Steranko's often-great efforts.

7. Your favorite creature.
The Marvel Universe does, however, have great creatures. If Howard the Duck counts, then it's Howard. If not, Lockjaw. But I also love Lockheed. And I even think the Man-Thing's kind of neat, as shambling, misunderstood monsters go.

8. Your favorite movie.
Spider-Man 2.

9. Your favorite classic character.
I'm not sure quite what they're going for here, since Marvel is so anal retentive about its characters. Pretty much every character that ever graced half of a panel in a Marvel comic is still up and walking around or just waiting to be resurrected. I'd still have to say Spider-Man, because I love the classic comics. (And I didn't mention it before, but I adore the Thing.)

10. Your favorite costume.
The classic yellow and red Iron Man armor. I'm not sure which one it is. Lee, help me out: Mark III?

11. Your favorite power.
If I could have one of the powers of the Marvel Universe, it would be Silver Surfer's power cosmic.

12. Your favorite weapon.
Thor's hammer.

13. Your least favorite character.
What the fuck is the point of Cable, Venom, Bishop, Marrow, or Deadpool? Deadpool especially. He's like Harley Quinn for boys.

14. Your favorite romance.
Kitty Pryde and Colossus.

15. The best rivalry.
Just a rivalry, or an arch-nemesis? Because Flash Thompson and Peter Parker had a rivalry, but Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus was pretty epic.

16. The most powerful character.
Silver Surfer's pretty powerful, but I'd probably have to put Thor up at the top. I mean, Thor's a god. Whose more powerful, a god or a cosmic herald? I wonder where that falls in the Marvel cosmogony...

17. Your favorite god.
They're not gods, per se, but I love the Warriors Three.

18. Your favorite comic to screen character adaptation.
Rosemary Harris as Aunt May in the Spider-Man movies, hands down.

19. Your least favorite comic to screen character adaptation.
Hard to say. I was going to say Venom in Spider-Man 3, but Venom sucks anyway. They didn't have anything good to work with. Lots of the X-Men characters suck, too, but most of the character overload in those movies is pure, pointless fan service. What does the Angel even do in X-Men: The Last Stand other than give fans boners for recognizing something? Ugh. The majority of Marvel movies still suck.

Oh, I know: the entire Fantastic Four in those awful movies. With the possible exception of Chris Evans as Johnny Storm. But Ben, Reed, and Sue were just terrible. And Doctor Doom was even worse! So, I guess my choice would actually be Julian McMahon as Doctor Doom, because that was an embarrassment.

20. Your best casting of a character (if you were casting).
I want Harlan Ellison to do the voice of Howard the Duck.

21. The most memorable death.
Does it matter? Death is so impermanent in the Marvel Universe that the fear of it has been completely removed from every character. There's no dramatic tension over the possibility of a character dying at all. I guess I'd pick Gwen Stacy since the fans keep going on about how essential it is to the character of Spider-Man, but in a world where his entire relationship with Mary Jane has been magically erased, does any of it even matter anymore?

22. Your favorite universe/dimension.
I have no idea. It's not another dimension, but I really like the Savage Land.

23. The best form of transportation.
The Silver Surfer's board.

24. Your favorite cartoon adaptation.
None. Marvel cartoons are terrible. I especially despise the 90s X-Men cartoon, like, an insane amount. The only time I remember really liking a Marvel cartoon was that "Pryde of the X-Men" pilot that didn't sell. And that was more because I liked the animation.

If anyone counts the Men in Black cartoon (I don't), that was really funny. It was a lot like The Real Ghostbusters.

25. Your favorite video game.
I loved the old X-Men arcade game from the early 90s. The Konami game. That was so much fun. I also recently dug Ultimate Alliance.

26: Your favorite elemental.
I don't really know. Storm, probably. Does she count? She has weather powers.

27. Your favorite non-human race.
I just think the Skrulls are neat. The design is so cheesy.

28. Your favorite comic time period.
I guess, when it comes to Marvel, it's the 1970s. Almost entirely because of Howard the Duck and Conan the Barbarian.

29. Your favorite series you would suggest to read.
I'm long past suggesting anyone read anything. I've learned that my tastes are very different and no one's interested in my recommendations, anyway.

30. Your favorite Marvel Event.
I really enjoyed The Infinity Gauntlet. That was the only one that really pulled me in.


Anonymous said...

I like your responses. I pretty much agree in most of your answers, but the Deadpool/Cable thing made me perk up and want to say something. When the two characters started out, they were... Liefeld cliches, really. But I urge you to pick up Deadpool's defunct series written by Joe Kelly. It's funny and a little dark at times, but I think you might enjoy it. Also, there was a buddy-cop series called "Cable and Deadpool" which was pretty much an extension of the Joe Kelly series which was a LOT of fun.

Take care!

SamuraiFrog said...

I'll check out what I can get from the library, I think; Joe Kelly is a writer I usually trust. Thanks!

Lee said...

The classic Red and Yellow was the Mark III - that's with the pointed faceplate which has a cool retro feel to it but before they added rivets to it briefly (and a nose for about three issues).

The more rounded helmet is the Mark IV which had the big round shoulder pieces.

There are some samples from my site:

Lee said...

I was also going to suggest (outside of plugging my own website) that you should check out the series Runaways - it's quite awesome.

SamuraiFrog said...

It is Mark III I'm thinking of, although I agree with you that Mark V is kind of the classic. There's just something really exciting about that red and yellow armor. I never got as excited about the red and silver.

Funnily enough, I just read the first six issues of Runaways. I've become sort of invested in the characters now...

Lee said...

Whatever you do, please avoid spoilers around Runaways, you'll know when you get to it :)

The red and silver armour or "Centurion" armour is not really my cup of tea.