Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mark "Crash" McCreery

I just sort of randomly came across this image while doing a Google search the other day. I'd totally forgotten about it, and I can't believe I did.

If you weren't there, it's kind of hard to impress upon you just what a big deal Jurassic Park was when it was released. This was 1993, the summer I turned 17, and the internet had yet to pervade every aspect of daily life. There weren't any massive film sites that picked over every single detail--real, rumored, and imagined--of every film being released. There wasn't a CGI-filled blockbuster every two weeks all year long. This was Steven Spielberg and dinosaurs and a bestselling novel and it was everywhere and in everything. Today's merchandising and marketing seems like an afterthought compared to Jurassic Park's onslaught.

Anyway, one of the things I got into was the series of trading cards. These cards were a big deal to me for one reason and one reason only: the concept art by Mark "Crash" McCreery. Beautiful dinosaur art, right up there with William Stout. The card series had a healthy number of concept cards showcasing Crash's art, and I was mad for it. Like, drive to various stores to see if they carry the cards mad. I don't know how much I spent on the cards (or any Jurassic Park stuff, including the film itself, which I saw in the theater 16 times--not an exaggeration). You were guaranteed a concept card in every pack, and I wanted them all.

Gosh, I must have them somewhere... I have at least two albums filled with card pages, and I haven't looked at them in years. I used to buy so many trading cards... I'll have to look for those.

But anyway, I geeked out seeing this image again. It's one of my favorite pieces of dinosaur art.

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