Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Losing the Plot Again

The Rude Pundit on the budget cuts: "The entire list of shit what got cut is darkly amusing, like watching a cartoon salami with teeth discover his own body is delicious and then devouring himself."

That's pretty much the best description of 21st century American government anyone could come up with.

Why did President Obama even need to have a speech about budget issues? This has far governance has gone into stupidity. And any of the issues he cares about we aren't going to get, anyway. The Republicans aren't serious deficit hawks; if they were, they'd be talking about letting the Bush tax cuts expire and reducing the defense budget, since those are the two biggest drains on the economy. They'd be discussing jobs. They'd be discussing nationalized health finance, freeing employers of a huge financial burden.

It just felt like the president once again getting suckered into an unnecessary battle when there are other things he should be concerned with. Like jobs.

Another in a series of missed opportunities.

Oh, and more presidential hypocrisy, too: Obama described the Paul Ryan budget as leaving seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry, while ignoring that the public mandate in his Affordable Care Act leaves everyone else at the mercy of the insurance industry, instead. (Obama's great progressive victory, don'cha know?)

At this point, I don't know why I'm supposed to believe anything President Obama has to say.

He's already said that failure to raise the debt limit "could plunge the world economy back into recession" and, in practically the same breath, said that a vote on the budget "[isn't] going to happen without some spending cuts." This man gives everything away before he even starts to negotiate.

UPDATE 2:31 PM: Budget cuts mean job cuts. The conservatives at work for fiscal responsibility.

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MC said...

One of those other tidbits from the Paul Ryan budget... apparently the insurance industry absolutely does not want the potential patients that those particular cuts would give them since seniors are surprisingly expensive to care for vs. the young healthy people they got from the Obama plan (though there was no way America was getting a public option during that debate considering some of the things Obama had to give to Democrats to get what passed).