Sunday, April 24, 2011

If I've Never Mentioned It, Tomar Re Is My Favorite Lantern

I'm liking more and more how bizarre and alien everything looks in Green Lantern.


Kal said...

He is one of my lanterns also. He is like the Obi Wan of Lanterns - full of wisdom, courage and duty. He is the example every lantern follows. He knows sacrifice and he sees potential in everyone who carries the legacy of the ring. Abin Sur is a great lantern too but we never get to learn anything about him except his role is passing the ring to Hal. I always thought that Abin and Toma were the best of friends and have a unique role to play on Oa. I can't wait to see Toma educate Hal on the basics of ring use. Also having Geoffry Rush as his voice? PERFECT voice casting.

SamuraiFrog said...

I can totally see that; I love the idea of Tomar Re and Abin Sur as great friends and sort of mentors to the Corps.