Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

:: Check out this report on TEPCO, the scandal-ridden Japanese power company that runs the nuclear reactors currently threatened by the aftermath of the quake. 29 cases of cover-ups of cracks on the cores of 13 nuclear reactors? Wow.

Imagine being told by the government to stay indoors when your house was destroyed in the earthquake. Scary. (Don't worry, though; here in America the nuclear industry is telling us we should be glad that failsafes are failing, because the industry will learn so much from the accidents.)

:: Larry Kudlow on the Japanese earthquake: "the human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll, and we can be grateful for that." Yes, we are so grateful.

:: The GOP, meanwhile, want to shut down the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, ground the air fleet that searches for hurricanes, and cut off funding for monitoring volcanoes. Because natural disasters never kill anyone, I guess.

:: I saw this coming last year: people are getting incredibly sick because of last year's BP Gulf fiasco. And it's not just because of exposure to crude oil, but because of dispersant chemicals that BP used (and lied about using, even one dispersant that had been banned in the UK) that, when combined with crude oil, create an even more toxic substance. But remember, OSHA said there was no need to protect your lungs from the oil spill. This was reported by Al Jazeera, the only news outlet that isn't asleep at the wheel and dazzled by Charlie Sheen's nonsense.

:: Republicans have stolen control of Wisconsin. The Senate Democrats are still being held in contempt of the Senate, and so their votes are not being counted.

:: Meanwhile, in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder is pushing a bill that basically gives the final word in governmental decision-making to corporations. No, literally.

Republicans have declared war on the other 99%, and they're probably going to win. That's right, I have zero faith in the willingness of American citizens to fight this.

:: New Hampshire (Republican, duh) State Rep. Harty is an evil old fuck. "Hitler did something right"? Anyone who elected this asshole should be filled with embarrassment that their representative would say something like that.

:: Speaking of New Hampshire and politicians embarrassing their constituents: Michele Bachmann telling a New Hampshire teabagger rally that "You're the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord." You Teatards are really electing leaders with a firm grasp on the American history you claim to be patriotic over but apparently don't bother knowing the details of.

:: Nine boys, ages 9 to 15, were killed in the mountains of Afghanistan while collecting firewood by NATO helicopter gunners who mistook them for insurgents. Winning the hearts and minds... What are we even doing there anymore? We're never going to achieve any kind of meaningful victory.

:: If you haven't already seen it, here's a valuable infographic detailing how much money those tax breaks for the rich are going to cost the US versus the savings from cutting social programs. Our corporate-run government is going to steal from the poor to give to the rich until, gods willing, they finally collapse under the weight of their own uselessness.

:: Shut the fuck up, Congress. We don't have the military capacity right now to establish a no-fly zone in Libya, even if we did have any authorization from the UN to do it, which we don't. I get it, Libya has oil and gas prices are nearly four bucks a gallon, and that's the only reason we ever have to go to war, but put it back in your pants, alright? Yes, what's happening in Libya is truly awful, but pretending to care because of the oil is just tasteless and embarrassing.

:: I kind of hate myself right now for ever believing that President Obama was going to ever come through on his promise to close Gitmo. He did the dog and pony show and appeased a lot of people with a worthless announcement that he didn't have to follow through on, and now he's perfectly fine with keeping the trials going. Lesson re-learned: no government will ever willingly give up any of its powers. "Rule of law" is just another gimmicky, meaningless phrase that stands for nothing.

You want proof that there's no rule of law in this country? Look what the government is doing to Bradley Manning. His punishment--he hasn't even been given a trial yet--is a clear message to the rest of us to get in line and stop criticizing the government for its decisions. You shouldn't need any more proof that Obama is just another president, CEOing this country for the benefit of himself, his cronies, and his corporate masters. Change? Sure, when he needs you to believe it to get elected. As president, it's business as usual.

:: And with all of this Bradley Manning stuff going on and the government still trying to destroy Wikileaks, it makes me want to puke to hear Hillary Clinton shilling on about the importance of free speech and protecting internet freedom. Sure, as long as it's those brown countries, right?

:: Chief State Department spokesperson PJ Crowley has actually resigned over the White House's treatment of Manning. Chief State Department spokesperson PJ Crowley has a conscience. Apparently, President Obama does not.


Will said...

Always look forward to these. You say it better than just about anyone else.

Lazarus Lupin said...

A slim majority of americans want a more limited government and fiscal responsibility. That they probably won't get either even with the republicans just shows the persistence of hope. What will happen is a reset of the political machine via gerrymandering and other tricks to ensure a longer run.

Lazarus Lupin
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Roger Owen Green said...

My greatest disappointment re Obama is on human rights generally; Bradley Manning's treatment jumps to mind.