Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Film Week

A review of the, er, Lifetime Original Movies I saw this week.

Meh. I find it really odd that, at the end of this movie when the Craiglist Killer slits his wrists in prison, the filmmakers play it as though we're supposed to be sad that this fairy tale love story between the killer and his easily-duped fiancee is coming to a tragic end. Yeah, I feel real bad for a murderer, guys. *1/2 stars.

I really don't know much about the actual murder case, and the movie does try to be evenhanded about the evidence, but the only conclusion I can draw about the way the movie ends is that an American student is railroaded on circumstantial evidence. It's not, like, a really well-made movie, and granted, with Hayden Panettiere in the lead I'm always going to be on Hayden's side, but the movie has no real clear conclusion which makes for a confusing film. I know the real Amanda Knox is still in prison in Italy, and she's still appealing her conviction, so it's not like there's a definite conclusion readily at hand. And the film is trying to raise awareness as much as it's trying to be a typically sensational Lifetime movie. But... well, I don't know. As just a movie itself, with a star that I always like, I'd give it ** stars.

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Kal said...

If there were trying to make Amanda Knox a sypathetic character they could have picked an actress that didn't scowl at the screen and act like a brat all the time. I gave up on this one about half way in and hoped they would just hang her already. So my wasting of an hour of my life could be justified. Hayden just seems so angry in everything. I am really starting to put that Kristen Stewart label on her