Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Try to Make Your Lip Service Sound More Believable

This kind of open hypocrisy is why I would never have voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president. She gave a speech yesterday about internet freedom, pledging to "expand the Obama administration's efforts to stand against internet repression in autocratic states" and declaring that the US "stands with cyber dissidents and democracy activists."

Interesting words coming from an administration that has also been persecuting Bradley Manning over leaked documents highlighting war crimes, leaning on private companies to refuse service to Wikileaks, and has been involved in the relentless character assassination of Julian Assange in the media. Please explain to me the difference between what Mubarak did when he effectively shut off the internet and the illegal denial of service attacks on the Wikileaks servers.

Yeah, our government is for all kinds of internet freedom...

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