Tuesday, February 01, 2011

To Boldly Meme

I can't remember where I found this one.

Star Trek Series: The original. Or TOS, I guess they say now.
Star Trek Movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek Character: Spock
Star Trek Pairing: Kirk and Spock. What else is there?
Alien Race: Vulcans
Alien World: I don't know. They all seem like alternate Earths at this point...
Federation Class Starship: The original Enterprise. Or, I guess, the original series Enterprise, not the one from Enterprise. NCC-1701.
TOS Episode: "The City on the Edge of Forever"
TNG Episode: "Family"
DS9 Episode: At this point, I couldn't tell you. Once Becca and I get on track with the Star Trek DVDs (we stopped watching Season Three and keep meaning to get back to it...), we plan on doing the animated series and Next Gen. So, maybe after that we'll do DS9?
VOY Episode: Couldn't tell you. They did one with Sulu that was promising, but damn, Tuvok is irritating.
ENT Episode: I didn't make it through the first season. Maybe one day.
Star Trek Quote: "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations."

Star Trek Series: From what I've seen, Voyager.
Star Trek Movie: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek Character: Any character from Voyager except for the Doctor. Also, I never liked Dr. Pulaski.
Star Trek Pairing: I never bought the whole Picard/Beverly Crusher thing.
Alien Race: Whatever the hell Neelix is.
Alien World: I have no idea.
Federation Class Starship: I don't really mind it, but I always thought the Enterprise-D design was kind of ugly.
TOS Episode: "Spock's Brain"
TNG Episode: That clip episode in the second season where Riker is in a coma. That was pretty cheap.
DS9 Episode: Don't know.
VOY Episode: Don't know.
ENT Episode: Don't know.
Star Trek Quote: "Brain and brain! What is brain?"

Trekkie or Trekker? I don't really care.
Kirk or Picard? I love Kirk, but I have to pick Picard. He's more thoughtful, more measured. But it's also a different kind of show from a different era of science fiction.
Defiant or Delta Flyer? Huh?
Tribbles or Targs? Tribbles.
Coffee, Black or Tea, Earl Grey? Coffee, but basically as a sugar and cream delivery system.
Porthos or Spot? I dug Porthos.
EMH or Data? Data
Pah-wraiths or Prophets? They are equally annoying.


csmith2884 said...

Try Voyager from the point where 7of 9 is added much more watchable. Defiant was the bad ass little ship from DS9, Worf is in command of her at the start of "First Contact. Cloak and eplative armor. Made DS9 much more watchable.

Jaquandor said...

DS9 took a while to find itself, but when it did, it was awfully good.

SamuraiFrog said...

csmith2884: I remember the Defiant, but I don't know what the heck a Delta Flyer is.

Jaquandor: I've heard that; I gave up on it pretty early when it was originally on. I'll check it out on DVD.

csmith2884 said...

The Delta Flyer is a warp capable small ship built on voyager. Sort of a shuttle craft on steroids.