Thursday, February 03, 2011

Spockation Outtakes

I thought I had more than this, but these are the ones Becca had picked out.

Daleks attempt to take over the Swine Trek!

The party was hard to shoot; too many figures to get a great group shot, but in closer shots it looks good with the party all over the margins, like Spock's in the middle of some very Muppet-y chaos.

Not that I didn't have a bunch of lighting problems. Which is why Becca did most of the photography. (She's better at it than me.)

Look out, Spock! Lindsay Lohan has her eye on you!

I just hope it's clear everyone ate too much, not drank too much.

In the aftermath, Beauregard mops up (poor guy never gets invited to the parties) and gets and earful from Sam the Eagle about the degenerate behavior on display.

Sheesh, show business.


chunky B said...

Those are great and the last one with Sam the Eagle is perfect, I have to show these to my wife, Sam is one of her favorite characters.

DrGoat said...

I like your Groucho doll....and the Tiki cup.