Monday, February 07, 2011

The Spider-Man Reboot Continues to Look Unappealing

ME: "So, I understand why Spidey might wear a cup, but why does his codpiece need to be this completely different color to drag your eye straight to his spider-dick? It immediately reminds me of nipples on the batsuit."

BECCA: "That's what you're worried about? Because what I'd like to know is why Spider-Man's costume pattern looks like a giant cock. I can't unsee that."

Me, neither.


Kal said...

I hate this suit. Maybe they are going to fix something in post production but I still hate it. Way to make an unnecessary reboot even more unnecessary.

JA said...

Along with the angle caught on the right here, you've only underlined all the reasons why I love this suit. ;)

Nathan said...

Are you sure these aren't actually pictures from the porno parody of Spider-Man?