Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do Not Test Me on This

ME: I had a dream last night that Joan Jett was my mother.

BECCA: Really? How did that go.

ME: Uh, awesome.

BECCA: I guess she's technically old enough.

ME: She's technically awesome enough. Can you imagine being Joan Jett's kid? You'd be born with awesome.

BECCA: And then you'd know Cherie Currie.

ME: I'd make Cherie Currie my girlfriend.

BECCA: I don't think Joan Jett would like that very much.

ME: Joan's got to let me live my own life. I'm 34.

BECCA: And Cherie is how old?

ME: 51.

BECCA: And Joan is how old?

ME: 52.

BECCA: Yeah, you two probably wouldn't be talking right now if she was your mom and Cherie was your girlfriend. Besides, why would Cherie Currie want a 34 year-old boyfriend?

ME: I'd charm her like you wouldn't believe.

BECCA: Uh-huh. And would you really want a 51 year-old girlfriend?

ME: If it was Cherie Currie I would! Do. Not. Test. Me. On. This.

BECCA: Or you'll what?

ME: I'll write about it on the internet?

BECCA: You will anyway.

ME: ...


Drake said...

50 is the new 30!

Roger Owen Green said...

as someone who had a girfriend who was 16 years older, I say go for it!
well, except for the fact you're married and Joan Jett isn't your mother.

Kal said...

Becca is one of the good ones. Maybe you can arrange one of those Mormon sister wive things with her and Cherie?

csmith2884 said...

Becca is awesome, the minute a thought of any other girl pops out of my mouth my g/f gets a shrek-like green color.