Saturday, January 29, 2011

Web Shooters

The internet's been talking for the last week about the revelation that the new, completely unnecessary Spider-Man reboot will have Spidey's web shooters instead of doing what the Sam Raimi movies did and making the webs something organic that came out of Spidey's wrists.

This is another one of those fan debates that just makes me roll my eyes, but after reading some of the things people have said, I think the organics are much more believable.

If Peter Parker's spider bite altered his DNA to make it more spiderlike, then why wouldn't he have the ability to produce webbing? Makes sense to me. But that's not actually the reason I find them more convincing. My real problem is what Peter Parker creating his own web shooters implies.

I'm saying this as someone who completely adores the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comics more than just about anything else Marvel Comics has ever produced. But so many of those stories revolved around a harried Peter trying hard to balance his schoolwork, his responsibilities as Spider-Man, and his need to take care of his Aunt May, who is frail and can't work. He's always obsessing over the cost of her medicine, for example.

So my major problem with Peter creating his own web shooters is that it actually makes Peter Parker look like an imbecile. It makes it look like the writers are just completely ignoring, for the sake of the plot, the fact that a teenager who creates a pressurized miracle adhesive with dozens of real world applications would just be able to patent and commercialize it and make a small fortune. Jeez, between the police and the military alone, he'd never have to worry about Aunt May's meds again. Forget having to work at the Bugle (and poorly, I might add), he'd be sitting on the board of a scientific research firm somewhere.

So it kind of amuses me a little when people act like Peter's mechanical web shooters are an integral part of the Spidey mythos.

And don't even get me started on the people who insist Gwen Stacy has to be Peter's first love, which completely overlooks Betty Brant...


Kal said...

I was one who always had a problem with the mechanical webshooters in the first place. It was always too easy to use them running out of fluid when the script needed him too. I can see that happening ONCE but never again.

Secondly it seemed like he could buy the chemicals to create such a scientifically complex and magical substance from his corner bodega. I know of some comics where a 3M like company tried to reverse engineer his web and couldn't. Doesn't make sense.

Plus he got the formula right on the FIRST TRY. No years of research and development.

So for these reasons and so many more I was pleased to see bio-webs. They just solve so many problems and work so well with the character being a teenager. All of us emit mysterious fluids from time to time.

Sleestak said...

WTF? How many liters of fluid would his body have to generate a day to swing around the city?

Mechanical is the way to go.

SamuraiFrog said...

Kal: Yes, exactly. I find it a real stretch that this high school kid could make the adhesives breakthrough of the century, off the cuff, in his bedroom, and then never once consider patenting the damn thing. And that no one could ever replicate it! Having his DNA altered by a radioactive spider-bite is completely believable in comparison.

Sleestak: As much as it has to, I guess. It's still more believable than the idiocy of the mechanical ones.

Bob "Melon" Melonosky said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one that got po'd about Peter not cashing in on his invention.

The organics bother me a little too. Spiders don't shoot webs out of their legs. Peter should have developed a spinneret on his ass -- which would have made for less than heroic visuals.

SamuraiFrog said...

That just reminds me of the brief period of time Spidey had six arms... Boy, he's survived some really stupid developments, hasn't he?

I think we should all just be glad that no one's talking about putting that Spider Mobile in the movie. *shudder*