Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Weeks Into 2011...

... and it's already a mixed bag.

Good: I'm making really good strides in breaking my agoraphobia and letting other people drive me around (I let my Dad do it, too, and I came through it fine).

Bad: The brakes on our only car have been grinding, making it a scary drive, even for Becca, who is a much calmer driver than I am.

Good: We scraped together $500 and found a local mechanic that has great word of mouth and online reviews.

Bad: There's more wrong with the car than just the brakes (turns out, by the way, the problem is a caliper that isn't releasing, shaving the rotor to shit and spitting out metal that's rusting the tire).

Good: They give us a $388 estimate to fix the entire brake system and offer to rotate, balance, and fill the tires for free.

Bad: One of their guys has to drive us home, and he is a maniac behind the wheel.

Good: I manage to take it in stride, get through it, and keep breathing the whole time.

Bad: There's even more that needs to be fixed on the car.

Good: They give us an estimate for future new tires and tell us, when we can afford them, they can have them the next day. And, the repairs actually come in under the estimate, at $361, which is something I've never experienced in my life. So we not only have a new mechanic, but we have some extra money that will really help us with groceries.

Bad: Thumper stopped eating.

Good: There's a vet in town who has experience caring for rabbits and he can see us that night.

Bad: Thumper has a molar occlusion from overgrown teeth, so we need to take home some medicine and Thumper needs to have surgery (including anesthetic) to file down his teeth.

Good: We have the extra money to pay for the visit.

Bad: The visit itself costs about $180 more than we were expecting, wiping out our grocery money. Plus, the estimate for the surgery is between $400 and $570.

Good: Turns out I qualify for Care Credit and can use it to pay for Thumper's surgery.

Bad: Now I have, for the first time in my life, a credit card.

Good: Hey, I must have better credit than I thought.

Trying not to tear my hair out worrying about my rabbit. All will be well...


Kal said...

I am thinking good thoughts about Thumper. I know how valuable a pet is to one's mental health and well being.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Savor each little victory and triumph. Things may still be tough but when you savor each victory and triumph the bad doesn't last forever.

Roger Owen Green said...

seriously: get your credit score. you should be able to get it free once a year.

Devilham said...

Thumper! My thoughts go out to your pet. Kudos to you for not just walking home from the mechanics.....I've seen the way tow truck guys drive up here in Boston, and you don't need to have a phobia to fear for your life when in the passanger seats of one of those deathmobiles!

Devilham said...

For when Thumper is feeling better

Hat tip to Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein for turning me on to this wife is gonna go crazy for it, she loves Amy Sedaris!

Wiewelt said...

Good : reading about your continued triumphs!
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

the rabbit who lives with the people upstairs from me made an escape bid from its hutch; half an hour and an exhausting run around the back yard, it was returned to its home

*hugs* for youand kudos for every success; I'm proud of you!

here's your reward:

Glenn Whidden said...

Congratulations on the improving agoraphobia news. Bummer about the car. Hate those things, they always need work when you can least afford it.

Good luck with Thumper. I'm sure he'll be fine.

Daskaea said...

Be careful with the credit card! >.< Don't get in trouble.
Also, hope Thumper feels better soon.

Daskaea said...

Oh and bravo for overcoming the maniac drive home!

Daskaea said...

Oh. And things might look up for groceries. *^__^*