Friday, January 21, 2011

TV Report

Some random, unordered stuff.

:: So, so glad to have Parks & Recreation back. It's been too long, Ron fucking Swanson. Too long.

:: You know, I am beyond done with Big Love. Last season was incredibly painful, and since it was announced that this will be the final season, I thought I'd just stick it out and see how it ends, but then I thought about how this show has never been wholly satisfying to me. I just don't care anymore, so I don't need to sit and watch it. It doesn't help that Bill Paxton's main character, Bill Henrickson, has been an almighty weeny the whole time. He's just an unlikable jackass, and any goodwill I had towards the wives is just used up. I'm done.

:: I'm also done trying to watch Shameless on Showtime. I just don't give a shit. I tried, but it just isn't drawing me in. It's trying so hard to turn its quirkiness into preciousness. I'm not surprised it's based on a British show, because it reminds me of the inexplicably popular Skins, which has the same kind of tone of "Ain't we cute?" smarm that I just don't enjoy. I keep thinking Shameless is going to embrace some of the inherent darkness and go a little edgier, but just two episodes in its cute approach is unbearable. William H. Macy's character should be played a little deeper instead of for laughs. And frankly, Emmy Rossum is still just the extremely poor man's Anne Hathaway to me.

:: Loved the funeral for Marshall's father on How I Met Your Mother. It's been an uneven season, but Jason Segel acted that episode so beautifully. I think they've hit a few out of the park, and that episode--alternately funny, touching, sweet, devastating, and uplifting--was one of the best.

:: Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory was terrific. The best episodes are the ones where they get all of the characters together and just let their personalities butt up against one another. Those are my favorites. And thank you, thank you for getting Melissa Rauch into that episode. I love the dynamic with Bernadette, and I think Mayim Bialik is fitting in much better. Good stuff.

:: I watched CSI last night because Dita Von Teese was on it. She's not an actress, but she was fun and sexy. The show itself is worse than I remembered (I only saw it a few times in the first season 170 years ago). CSI is yet another show that makes me think I've been too hard on Two and a Half Men.

:: The Office continues to be painful.

:: I hear Liam Neeson is going to play Qui-Gon Jinn on a couple episodes of The Clone Wars. This makes me very excited. There's a character I'd really like to see again.

:: I know no one cares, but I was bummed by the way Hannah Montana ended its final episode. It was just like the movie--they took an adult decision away from her for idiotic commercial reasons. They've done a good job this season of having Miley reveal her identity. And they've had her deal with the consequences (no more privacy, for example). It's important to end the whole enterprise by maturing Miley.

What I hated about the movie is that she made a mature decision to give up her Hannah identity because it was too hard on her family, only to take the decision away in a convoluted fashion. In the final episode, she's supposed to go away to college with her best friend Lily and instead takes a movie that is the opportunity of her career. We get the scene where Miley and Lily say goodbye and choose their own paths. And here we get a great opportunity to show kids today that following your own path doesn't have to mean growing apart from your friends. And then, in the end, Miley decides to not do the movie and go to college with her best friend, which seems like an immature, stupid decision to me. Lily really needs to learn that Miley can't drop everything just to be her best friend, and Miley needs to learn she can be a professional and it doesn't mean she's losing touch with the people she loves... and instead we get yet another example of how women can't have careers without becoming hollow. So fucking lame.

:: I'm annoyed that they're moving Hellcats to Tuesday. It's going to die against American Idol. Bad enough it's been in reruns for 6 or 8 weeks and it was going in a bad direction. Tis, Aly, it was fun while it lasted.

:: You know, even I'm starting to get sick of the Kardashians. That's saying something.


Kal said...

Big Bang was great last night. Very funny. I just want to see more of Sheldon NOT getting his own way. He is starting to get on my nerves.

Parks and Rec is still the best comedy on Thursday night. I missed that magnificent bastard Ron Swanson more than I realized.

30 Rock - too many characters with nothing to do. The show is too short for everything they want to cram in there and so much seems like filler to me.

Hate any and everything the Kardashians do. Always have, always will.

Still pissed about Stargate Universe getting cancelled and have big fears for Fringe.

Glad I never even started in on Big Love. I can't stand Cloe Sev. I never saw her appeal as an actress or why anyone would want to take her picture. She is NOT attractive and has never played a character in anything that I ever cared about. She can go away anytime now.

I do loves me some Police Women of Whoville though. No matter what city those girls kick some ass. Just don't call them 'baby', 'honey' or 'sweetie' and you won't get yourself tazed.

SamuraiFrog said...

I still enjoy 30 Rock, but I didn't say anything about it because it doesn't really inspire comment. It's just sort of... there.

I never watched any of the Stargate shows, but it does make me feel bad for Ben Browder. Farscape is my favorite TV show of all time, and SCIFI renewed it for two seasons, then canceled it in practically the same breath. So Browder went to SGU, which apparently had the same thing happen to it. I despise the SCIFI Channel.

I still haven't seen any of Fringe. It's on my Netflix queue. It's hard to want to watch anything on Fox anymore, since you know it's going to be moved around a lot.

You and I disagree about Chloe Sevigny. She's been one of my favorite parts of the show since day one, and I do think she's lovely.