Friday, January 28, 2011

Tomar Re!

The Corps is starting to sell me on this movie, actually.


Nik said...

I don't know, he looks like some kind of post-abortion rubber chicken. I'm actually interested in the movie, but the Corps designs I've seen have gone almost TOO far toward making them "realistic" -- kind of the problem the overly gross Two-Face makeup in The Dark Knight had too, I think.

But then again, it's pretty damn awesome that we're even TALKING about a live-action blockbuster that will feature Kilowog!

Kal said...

I like it too. I am impressed with the look of Sinestro and I hope the voice is as arrogant as I always imagined. Plus Abin Sur and Killowog look like they should. I hope we get to see Ch'ypp too Like I say - high concept = full retard