Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please, PLEASE, Shut the Fuck Up

Sharron Angle, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin... just shut it. You protest too much, too loud, and too self-righteously for anyone to believe you actually give a damn about anyone who was harmed or killed in Tucson this weekend. Stop talking. You're just hurting yourselves with every word... oh, wait, never mind: talk all you want, idiots, and take the Republican Party down with you.

Look, nobody realistically blames these people directly for what happened. They didn't whisper in the guy's ear and tell him what to do. Jared Loughner is a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur, a persecution complex, and a hatred of the government that is completely incoherent. He's not a right wing or a left wing nut.

The bigger concern is, as I said before, this culture where violence is encouraged as political activism by a lot of people on the right. It's been this way for decades, but in the last 10 years, it's become prevalent. We've all seen it, for years now, and many of us have said that we're scared of where it might lead. What I see, as a student of history, is the same militant, hate-filled rhetoric that was prevalent in the fight for civil rights 50 years ago, only this time it seems even less impassioned and more nakedly cynical. This is about political gain, money and power, and nothing else.

And the worst offender is still Sarah Palin. I look at her and say the same thing about her that I said about George W. Bush: "There's a person who wants to be President just to prove that they can be."

The thing that's pissed me off the most about the attempted assassination in Tucson has been the way Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle have tried to play themselves as the victims in this situation.

Glenn Beck said to Sarah Palin: "Sarah, as you know, peace is always the answer. I know you are feeling the same heat, if not much more on this. I want you to know you have my support. But please look into protection for your family. An attempt on you could bring the republic down."

The man who deals in armageddon decrying violence. Sure. That's almost as believable as the idea that Sarah Palin is such a linchpin of American society that an attempt on her life would unhinge the nation. (Not that I'm advocating violence here, either, but if Sarah Palin were killed today, I think we'd all be able to move on with our lives.)

Sarah Palin responded with, among other words, "I hate war." Uh-huh. Pull the other one, it plays Water Music.

You can't really expect these people to be able to reflect on themselves, can you? Yes, I do believe that the Palins and Becks infecting American discourse know exactly what they're doing, because they know such manipulation is the key to the money and power they want. I also think they're too empty inside to actually believe in what they're saying. And that's precisely what makes them so dangerous.

The simple fact is, victimization and rage work for Republicans. They worked in the last election, and they don't want to waste those tools. They will shout down anyone who calls for a more civil tone to the national debate because their cartoonish anger works so well for them. They need people to see that the conservative white man is oppressed, shackled, and butt hurt by such evils as fiscal responsibility, sexual and racial equality, religious freedom, and, I don't know, having a wimpy black president who compromises constantly. Running everything isn't enough, and they'll cry at the drop of a hat to fool scared people with no capacity for thought that anyone who makes a few million dollars a year and may see a tax increase on the price of fuel for their private jets is in exactly the same predicament as colonials being taxed on tea.

Jesus, did you see Palin's video statement today? It came across like a campaign ad. It is a campaign ad.

It's disgusting. Sharron Angle is disgusting. Glenn Beck is disgusting. Sarah Palin especially is disgusting, with her theatrical head shakes and her talk of "blood libel" (while defending herself against the shooting of a Jewish woman, very classy) and her self-involved hypocrisy. Victimhood? Fuck you, Sarah Palin. Get off your cross.

Words have consequences. You don't get to put out a list of targets and then wash your hands of responsibility when one of the people on it gets shot. Look, I don't doubt that Sarah Palin never meant for anyone to take her literally and start killing people. But she has done more than her fair share to fan the flames of political violence. "Don't retreat--reload." What does she think that means at a time when we already had people throwing bricks and vandalizing offices and bringing guns to Teatard rallies?

Really, just shut the fuck up, Sarah Palin. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. There is a 9 year-old girl being buried today. People lost their lives. Others in the hospital. Those are the real victims here. You're just an idiot who doesn't know when to quit talking.


RJ said...

Amen! I always look forward to reading what you have to say on everything political b/c your bull shit meter is fully tuned. Nice to see someone who sees the ridiculous hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle and isn't afraid to say something.

Partisanship has broken us.

Carl said...

Well said--both instances.