Friday, January 07, 2011

Overcompensating Just a Tad

"To my colleagues in the majority, my message is this: we will honor our Pledge to America, built through a process of listening to the people, and we will stand firm on the Constitutional principles that built our party, and built a nation," said new Speaker of the House John Boehner, mentally trying to figure out how to spin the fact that the Republicans are backing away from the "cut costs by $100 billion" part of their Pledge, just before walking out on the reading of the beloved Constitutional principles in order to have a press conference.

And there, in the first day, is everything you will need to know about the newly Republican-led House of Representatives and how serious they are about governing.

Sometimes a comically large surrogate penis is just a giant, ineffectual novelty toy.


Kal said...

I hate myself for actually looking forward to this asshat failing and crying. I want America to realize that who you elect actually matters.

Jaquandor said...

I want the same thing, Cal...except that after thinking America had realized that in 2006 and 2008, to see this bunch right back in power without having learned a single goddamn thing is just vastly depressing. I'm so colossally sick of this country's bizarre "Don't tread on me", "what the market does is always good" bullshit that I want to scream. Other countries have figured out how to do so much stuff...but since we're stuck with our infantile "Government! We hates it forever!" attitude, we're stuck looking at countries that have it better and somehow managing to convince ourselves that they really don't.

Kal said...

Sorry to do the comment hijack thing SF but I wanted to add that if Americans got to enjoy the benefits of Canadian style socialism just once they would never stand for anything less. I am sad to see them manipulated by greedy corporations into voting against their best interests all the time.

Roger Owen Green said...

cry loudly and carry a big stick

Laura said...

I'm sorry but-I loves me a crier! ;p