Friday, December 03, 2010

TV Report: Last Night's Office

I've been complaining a lot about how fucking terrible The Office has been this season, so I thought I should point out that I liked last night's episode, "China." It was, so far, the lone good episode this season. There were a lot of factors contributing to it--especially, I think, taking a lot of the focus off of Andy and Erin, who are only funny in small doses as side characters and are not the new Jim and Pam, no matter what the producers think--but it really came down to the final moment, with Dwight's smile and humanity.

Before Dwight became a broad cartoon, there was an occasional humanity to him that made the character more real and easier to accept. Pam was one of the only characters who ever saw it and even attempted to bolster it, so that little moment when he gave Pam her victory was very nice. This was an actual episode that remembered when The Office liked its characters and wanted to make them human beings. And that was a very nice.

A rare good episode in this scattered season. I don't expect it to last, but what a nice bright spot it was.

Still didn't make Jim likable again, but it was nice to like Pam and Dwight again for a change...

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