Sunday, December 19, 2010

Song of the Week: "It's Over"

I've always loved Roy Orbison. I think it's because, during my days of high heart drama (otherwise known as my teenage years), he had more power than some to put my feelings into music. This is an especially wonderful, dramatic, emotional piece from 1965.


Roger Owen Green said...

Roy is always great.

Johnny Yen said...

A friend of mine in college had "The Very Best of Roy Orbison," and I discovered that Roy had many other great songs besides "Pretty Woman," including "It's Over."

One of my favorite songs to play guitar and sing to is "In Dreams." However, it's a very difficult song to sing-- it covers about three and a half octaves. I can barely make it through them all-- I have to falsetto the last part. Mr. Orbison seemed to sing it effortlessly, showing what a wonderfully gifted singer he was.