Friday, December 31, 2010

The Sixth Annual Hot 50 List

Cherie Currie's return to the media is something I've been hoping for these last few years.

My annual totally subjective list of the celebrities I found sexiest over the course of the year, completely at my whim and judgment. Numbers in parentheses indicate last year's position, although this list really fluctuates (visibility and other objectification stuff).

1. Cherie Currie
2. Kristen Bell (6)
3. Kristen Stewart
4. Aly Michalka
5. Kat Dennings (2)
6. Elvira
7. Ashley Tisdale (14)
8. Emma Stone
9. Melissa Rauch
10. Katy Perry (5)
11. Kelly Brook
12. Stana Katic (40)
13. Sofia Vergara (23)
14. Dita Von Teese (17)
15. Miley Cyrus
16. Amber Heard
17. Selena Gomez
18. Amanda Seyfried
19. Lucy Lawless
20. Lisa Ann (22)
21. Hayden Panettiere (12)
22. Eva Mendes (9)
23. Brenda Song (25)
24. Cobie Smulders (39)
25. Anna Paquin (36)
26. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
27. Christina Hendricks (8)
28. JoJo (47)
29. Milla Jovovich (38)
30. Malin Akerman
31. Heather Hemmens
32. Khloe Kardashian (21)
33. Vanessa Hudgens (41)
34. Hilary Duff (30)
35. Anna Kendrick
36. Faye Reagan (10)
37. Mila Kunis
38. Gretchen Mol
39. Elisabeth Moss
40. Sasha Grey
41. Penelope Cruz (32)
42. Carla Gugino (11)
43. Scout Taylor-Compton
44. Kaley Cuoco (33)
45. Deborah Ann Woll
46. Diane Kruger (20)
47. Eva Amurri (1)
48. Rumer Willis
49. Emily Osment
50. Leelee Sobieski (25)

Previously: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009


Kal said...

I am happy with your list. My girl made a respectable debut at 17.

Nathan said...

There are some here I don't agree with ("Kristen Stewart" and "hot" don't even belong in the same paragraph, to my mind), but overall you have good taste in women.

Cherie Currie said...

I am so honored and humbled.
Thank you so very much!!
You've sent me smiling into a great new year!
With so much love and thanks again.
Cherie Currie

Kal said...

Was that a joke or real? The message from you know who? Because if it was real then HOLY FUCK.

SamuraiFrog said...

Kal: Last year, Selena would've been in the top 5 if she hadn't been 17...

Nathan: Playing Joan Jett counts for a lot with me, apparently. I was never as into her before that.

Cherie Currie: I'm the one who's honored and humbled. You've given me a smile, too. Much, much, much love.

Kal: That's the great lady; I've noticed (but didn't dream of it happening to me) that she's very gracious with her fans and often pops in to say hello on blogs and message boards. She really is a fantastic woman.

Roger Owen Green said...

well, i'm always interested in your take. i tend to agree more than not, tho probably more are just not familiar enough to me.

oh, happy new year!

devilish_debbie said...

Don't know where this list is from but you and Marie have always been beautiful from a teen to now. most important you both are loving people who talk to us little guys and make us feel that we aren't bothering you. Your whole face and bod are great but i love your intelligence and heart.

your friend Debbie Brown

Jaquandor said...

I like this list because I don't recognize all the names. Then I Google some of them and say, "Oh, wow...."

SamuraiFrog said...

Roger: Happy New Year!

Debbie: All of that is why Cherie takes the top for me. I've been hung up on her since I was a kid.

Jaquandor: That's awesome. I think that's kind of fun.

Hightower And Jones said...

Other than a few selections (Miley, Selena and Katy), this is a fine of fine women especially with the inclusions of Mary Elizabeth Winstead who I've had a crush on ever since Final Destination 3, Emma Stone, Jojo and Hellcats Aly Michalka and Heather Hemmens. They are the two biggest reasons I continue watching that show each week. Well, now I'm also watching it to see what happens.

Nathan said...

In fairness, I'm probably conflating Ms. Stewart with Twilight. I guess just because her most famous role is an insufferable bitch doesn't mean that's ALL she can play.

Also, I must say I'm jealous of how many famous folks have commented on your posts.