Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Snowed-In Christmas

Whether you're celebrating or not, have a great day. We got snowed in out here, so for the first Christmas ever, Becca and I are spending it together with no other family. I'm actually excited about that; I've always wanted to do this, but we almost never get any time together alone on this day. It's especially nice, because this is Becca's first day off of work since the 12th, so she gets to relax and not be "on."

We're just going to have a nice meal, watch Castle DVDs, and enjoy being married and alone. It's a nice change of pace. Hope everyone else is having a nice day, too.

And I didn't do much in the way of Christmas blogging this year, but here are the links, as I do every year:

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And to all a good night.


Some Guy said...

My wife and I are on our own for Christmas for the first time as well. It's pretty nice. I hope you two have a great day and thanks for all the entertainment over the years!

Carl said...

Merry Christmas. Hope you guys have a good first Christmas all by yourselves!