Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winnie the Pooh

I'm much more excited to see this Disney movie than I am Tangled. Look at this animation; the backgrounds are amazing. This did tug at my heartstrings, because I love the Disney Pooh (and the Milne, but I grew up more closely with the Disney), but it also made me a bit sad that all of the voices are different now. I'll get over it, but I especially miss Paul Winchell as Tigger. Craig Ferguson is an interesting choice to play Owl, though.


Tallulah Morehead said...

The backgrounds do indeed look lovely. But I'll skip it. I grew up on the books, before Disney even began meddling in them, and to me, the Disney cartoons NEVER caught the simple English whimsy and charm that the stories have.

And since the Disney voices were not the ones in my head, they were never right either, particularly since the character's voices in my head were all British! At least here they've found a British voice for Christopher Robin, but why does Eyeore sound like he was from Texas, why does Piglet sound like he was from Ohio? And why did Pooh sound like the Cheshire Cat and Dumbo's stork, instead of having a low, growly, English voice, as described in the books? (I have always considered Sterling Holloway to have been a disastrously wrong choice for the voice of Pooh.)

Don't like the Disney Poohs, never have, won't be starting now.

But lovely art work.

Kal said...

Ah the Hundred Acre Woods. You can find it all there. Simplicity, loyalty, friendship, judgement, hyperactivity, wisdom and ennui. This looks great. I can see myself watching it on a snowy afternoon.

MC said...

Oh, I hate that song for this.

SamuraiFrog said...

Tallulah: My friend Carl feels the same way; he grew up having Milne read to him, and remains a staunch admirer of Milne and hates the Disney Poohs. I grew up just the opposite way; I experienced Disney first, and have always had a soft spot for... well, not for any Pooh cartoon they've done since 1984, but I like the Disney version. They remain to completely separate things in my mind.

I'm surprised by how much the trailer seems to be trying to go for the nostalgia angle.

Kal: I'm still weirded out, though, that Optimus Prime is now the voice of Eeyore.

MC: I hate that song for anything.

Tallulah Morehead said...

That song is really awful.

The first representation of Pooh performed I ever saw was an episode of SHIRLEY TEMPLE'S STORYBOOK back on October 2nd, 1960. They had a live Christopher Robin, and the Bill Baird Marionettes playing the rest of the characters. Although it was too American also, it at least preserved some of the charm that was steam-rollered over in the Disney cartoons. (It can be Netflixed)

I would undoubtedly feel different if I'd encountered the Disney cartoons first, instead of getting the books read to me before I could read, and then reading and rereading them many times for myself long before the cartoons were made. (And even being part of the "Keep Disney away from Milne" movement, that tried unsuccessfully tried to keep the Pooh book film rights away from Disney.)

I did enjoy the Winnie-the-Pooh ride at Disneyland, even if the terminally-dense ride operator utterly failed to get that it was a joke when I asked, as he started us off on the ride: "Is this ride SCARY?" For Christ's sake, I was 60, and it was a Winnie-the-Pooh ride, and he thought I was seriously concerned I'd get scared by it? What a moron.

Nathan said...

I grew up liking both the original Milne books and the Disney cartoons, although when I got older I started noting more of the differences between them. As iconic as Sterling Holloway's Pooh is, it really is totally different from the voice described in the books.