Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things That Are Too Awesome Not to Happen

The Cookie Monster Should Host Saturday Night Live Page on Facebook. I'm sure it won't ever happen, but I had to like the page, just in case it ever could, and because I really dig the idea.

Every once in a while, Becca and I talk about our dream SNL hosts. I guess that's a meme I could try: a dream season of Saturday Night Live hosts. Anyway, my first choice is always the Muppets. A Muppet hosting that show... well, I'd watch that, even if Kristen Wiig would end up doing one of her vast array of totally unfunny socially awkward characters.


Kal said...

A few months ago I saw a reporter doing an interview with the Cookie Monster on the origin of the 'nom nom nom' expression. He was charming and flirty and smart and for the first time I actually forgot that she was talking to a puppet. Now you combine a character with those personality traits and you could pull off a winner of a show. I am also looking forward to an upcoming episode of the Simpsons where every characters is seen as muppets through maggies eyes.

It is too bad you don't talk more often to people who comment. Some of these would make for interesting conversations.


Hell ya that would be a great idea/ I love the cookie minster prob. because I'm one.