Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, Right, Hell's Kitchen

I forgot to write about it. Although, honestly, I think I also forgot I watched it. It's just getting harder and harder to watch. I don't like anyone, and even the most obviously talented people are a drag to be around. And with that month delay, it feels like this cycle of the show has been going on forever. And since this is, let's be honest, the worst cast of contestants they've ever had, who really cares? With no one to root for, I'm just watching Gordon go around in circles merely because I like Gordon.

Sabrina went home. Not a surprise; she's a brat, and the way she whined at being put up for elimination just confirmed that she's not mature enough for the responsibility of running a kitchen. Neither is Trev, who was also up and is even whinier (arguably), but unless someone actually cuts off someone else's finger this week, I expect Trev will be dispatched next.

Does it matter? Down to the final six and the kitchen is still being shut down. Fuck me. These people all suck.

It's not the worst show I keep watching on TV right now (that would be The Office), but it is a trial.


Richie said...

You need like you need something to lighten up your day, my friend.

Richie said...

Oops! You "sound" like you need something to lighten up your day, I meant. Anyways, enjoy =)

SamuraiFrog said...

Cool, that's a neat video.