Sunday, November 07, 2010

How to Be a Serious Fanblogger on Tumblr

Step 1: Go onto a forum, fansite, or do a Google search for a picture of the celebrity of your choice. Make sure you "forget" which site you found the picture on, and don't bother to look up the name of the photographer, if the photographer is even credited.

Step 2: Crop the picture to your personal liking. From then on, refer to the picture as "my edit."

Step 3: Put a watermark on the picture. Usually, people like to go with the URL of their Tumblr blog.

Step 4: Hypocritically get upset whenever you see your "edit" posted on any other website without proper credit being given to you.

Step 5: Resist all attempts of others to point out that the "stolen" picture was, in fact, already stolen, by you, from a forum, fansite, or Google search.

Instant Tumblr fame!

(For extra points, act precious about it, as though your one-in-a-sea-of-millions Tumblr blog with edited stolen pictures could potentially make you a monetary profit in some way you're uncertain of.)


Dr. Monkey said...

Sweet, sweet bitter sarcasm, how I love it so.

Drake said...

Also remember the take someone's screencap someone made and uploaded to and remove all details and then post it like your own. Been hit by that a few times.

Kal said...

I think I am guilty but I don't do eny of that extra work. I just take em as I see em. Am I evile?