Friday, November 12, 2010

Hell's Kitchen (Finally)

You could be forgiven if you, like Becca, forgot that Hell's Kitchen was even going on. I know lots of people love baseball, but I am not one of those people, so I considered it a major annoyance to have a sudden, month-long break from the show. And, honestly, I'm a tad affronted that after getting used to the two-hour, two episode schedule, it's going down to one episode next week so Fox can air yet another program I don't give a shit about and which will probably be canceled, anyway. It's like a schizophrenic monkey is in charge of the programming schedule over there, which is why I only bother to watch the Gordon Ramsey shows and nothing else. Why get involved in anything on Fox when you're just going to get jerked around? Christ, half of that garbage is going to come off the schedule when Idol starts up again, anyway.

Whatever. Back to the kitchen.

With the month off, I've cooled my opinion of Sabrina, especially since she was starting to do better in the last couple of episodes. I still don't have a frontrunner in mind at all; everyone pretty much sucks, it's just the degree to which they suck.

We finally got to the episode where the cheftestants all proved their palettes were terrible. I always laugh watching these babies mercilessly bitch about how badly the others do, mistaking fillet mignon for chicken, for example. It's not like any of them have come close to acing it. Stop smoking, idiots; you need your sense of taste to be chefs. Duh. Your palettes are shit. (Especially Rob; he can't even taste cheddar cheese?)

Trev is back with the men, so now it's hard to tell who's the biggest baby on the team: Trev, who spends more time talking about the credit he deserves than actually earning that credit, or Rob, who sulks and whines his way through every punishment. Oh, but then Russell had a meltdown and pitched a fit by yelling at a prom committee, because, I guess, that's what heroes do.

And then practically the entire Blue Team was kicked out of the kitchen, which was pretty hilarious. Only Trev made it through service. When push comes to shove, he can and will cook, he just needs to stop being so alienating to absolutely everyone. The man does not know how to step away from his precious little feelings. Rob just fell apart (when Chef Ramsey actually has to stand at your station and demonstrate how to cook, you're fucked), Russell acted like a mute thug except when Ramsey was looking at him, and Vinnie... well, Vinnie's just giving up, I think, and I hate the way he throws that fake Italian accent around every time he wants sympathy for his screw-ups.

Nona got run out of the kitchen, too. Sabrina was actually showing some leadership, which was refreshing. I still don't like her general attitude, but it really seems at this point like she's putting a lot of her Mean Girls wannabe garbage aside in order to be a member of the team. And they seem to have stopped shutting her out, which is good, because that only hurts the team as a whole. (Look at the way it worked out for the men when they tried to do it to Trev, who ended up being the best of the worst.)

Not surprised to see Rob go. And I'm not surprised to see Russell, after being put up for elimination, sulk like a bitch. God, I am sick of him and his prison yard attitude. Gee, someone got thrown under the bus during a competition? Heavens! Watch Russell pout and go to the Bowflex machine and crack his knuckles and flex his muscles and stare with his gleaming eyes and his mental patient haircut. This guy is so like a slowly simmering psychopath just waiting to snap. He's going to go; he's practically on a countdown. Which is funny because, honestly, like a lot of people who make a big noise, I think he's physically a coward. That's why his anger only manifests itself to, say, teenage girls who want to have a nice prom.

Granted, Russell can cook, but I would have put him up, too, if I were Trev. Because Russell is a weasel. When the decision was put in Trev's incapable hands, Russell became his best friend--"I always have your back"--after a prep and dinner service in which Russell froze Trev out in order to sabotage him. Fuck you, Russell.

The challenge in the second episode... well, I felt bad for Jillian for burning her hand. They were mostly working as a well-oiled team, so to get screwed up by an accident like that really has to hurt. And Trev... you know you have to cook a lobster, right?

Oh, and Russell glaring at his own muscles menacingly as a way to confront Trev and Vinny for talking smack about him? Creepy, but hilarious. What a child.

And what an awful dinner service. Most of the votes for elimination weren't surprising. The boys mostly went after Sabrina for stuff that's long in the past and which she's gotten past, while the girls all hate Trev because he's kind of a tool. (And let's face it, he's the only one on the Blue Team that they've personally worked with, and they weren't going to eliminate each other, which was a nice moment of solidarity--honestly, I didn't think any of the women deserved to go home, and while I'm not rooting for any one of them, I do think they're doing well.)

Vinny was sent home... okay. It doesn't matter to me at this point. I have no strong feelings of like for anyone involved, which in a way makes it more interesting. When it came down to Gail or Vinny, I figured it would be Vinny, since Gail had never really had a bad service until tonight (so much wasted lobster...)

Next week looks intense. Shame it's only one episode.


Kal said...

I agree with you about there being no one to root for. They all seem unequal to the task of running that eatery. They can't even seem to run themselves let alone a business. Makes me appreciate the adult that Holy was last cycle. I am sure that Ramsey isn't happy with the numnuts he has left.

Jaquandor said...

I really don't like any of these contestants much at all. Maybe Nona...but not even her, really.