Monday, November 01, 2010

Are Homosexuals People Just Like Us?

That's really the question I wish someone would ask President Obama, just to watch the wind go out of him. Because I still maintain that things like Don't Ask, Don't Tell simply teach children that bullying LGBTQ people until they kill themselves is the right thing to do. I mean, they don't have rights, so they must not really be people, right?

I was extremely disappointed to learn that, once again, the government's "Someone will fix it later" mentality prevailed and a federal appeals court today put an indefinite freeze on Judge Virginia Phillips' injunction on DADT.

In other words, DADT will continue. Indefinitely.

Legislated bigotry has been kept in place. This time, the lame excuse offered is that the injunction "will seriously disrupt ongoing and determined efforts by the Administration to devise an orderly change." That is, to me, like saying that the court knows the law is unjust and unconstitutional, but that it has to stay in place if the President is going to get rid of it.

In other words, the President will do it later, so the court just isn't going to deal with it.

Except let's be honest, the President isn't going to do it. No President is, especially in the first term. He says he opposes it, but when he gets this opportunity to let it all fall into place, he has the Justice Department appeal it and gets it extended indefinitely. I know Obama wants to end it legislatively, but he doesn't have the votes. He doesn't, and he won't. The Senate has blocked it. It's not going anywhere.

Look, someone has to end this goddamn thing and just get over the fact that some people are gay. It's not illegal, and it's not hurting anyone or anything. The President says he wants to end it, but he has yet to put his money where his mouth is. As far as I know, his attempts to end it legislatively are working the way he wants it to: it's stuck in the Senate, so he can say that he did something, but that the Republicans wouldn't come through. And he'll say it with a straight face, too. That same straight face that acts like it's shocked that Republicans were never ever going to do anything but tear the goddamn walls down for the pleasure of watching the destruction.

Doesn't anyone want to goddamn govern anymore?

Gee, Mr. President, still think it's a big deal that the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs are onboard? Because it hasn't made a bit of difference.

If you wanted to end it, you'd end it. Waiting for someone else to do it for you is just intellectually dishonest.

He's still saying "DADT will end, and it will end on my watch." He should at least have the grace to add the word "eventually."


Kal said...

Like with civil rights, I think government has the duty to change the policies and drag the nation to accept it, not because it is popular but because it is right. The same sex marriage idea and most gay issues are supported by an overwelming majority of people under age 40. Most of the opposition comes from older voters who just are unnessessarily (sp?) afraid of change. We can't wait another 30 years for all of the backwards goobers to die out. We need to think of the children who will grow up in the world. They need to know that somethings like bullying those who are different is not acceptable.

Roger Owen Green said...

i've said it before, but it's no less true: if one waited for legislative remedy for interracial marriage - illegal in 15 states until 1967, it'd STILL be illegal in at least half of them. (Can't remember if it was Alabama or Mississippi, but one of them didn't actually remove its antimiscegenation law off the books until 2000.) Legislative remedy is ideal, but justice cannot wait.

Glenn Whidden said...

I won't say that I'm disappointed with President Obama because I had low expectations. He promised to get rid of DADT during the campaign, but also said he was opposed to marriage equality. Presidential leadership to end bigotry would be helpful, but I don't see that leadership coming from either party.