Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thanks for Nothing, Fox

No Hell's Kitchen until 10 November?

This kind of shit is why I still refuse to consider you a real network. And why I don't need you any time a Gordon Ramsey show isn't airing.


Drake said...

No new Hell's Kitchen till November?!
I hate Baseball on FOX, worst coverage ever of baseball and now they pre-empt about the only show i watch on FOX.

TheOtherSamuraiFrog said...

I also saw that The Simpsons Halloween episode is airing, as per Fox tradition, the week after Halloween. A nice annual reminder of why I don't watch Fox: they don't give a shit about what I want.

Roger Owen Green said...

It really wouldn't be that difficult for me to give up FOX altogether. Yeah, I'd miss the NFL games - which was the first nmove they made to pretend to be a real network.

Devilham said...

Yeah, that sucks. The only good thing I can't get out of that is that I am suddenly obsessed again with an older PC video game that is consuming all my TV time right now anyways, so there's that.

Fox sucks.

Your next post has an awesome Muppet Show sketch....I wish that show was still on, I think my kid would love it.