Monday, October 18, 2010

The Meme with the Red Tattoo

I got this off Tumblr. It's supposed to be a 30 Day Challenge, but I decided to do it as a meme. (Also, there aren't 30 here; I cut a few out because they were basically repetitions of earlier questions on the same meme.)

1. First album you bought: I bought four albums in 1986, and I can't remember which came first--Weird Al's Dare to Be Stupid; the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack; Then and Now: The Best of the Monkees; and the Labyrinth soundtrack.

2. Last album you bought: I think the last one I actually bought was... I can't remember.

3. Favorite debut album: Man, I could make a whole list out of just this entry. Limiting myself to just one, I think I'd pick Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell.

4. First album you listened to all the way through: I heard lots of albums as a kid, but the first album I really sat with and listened to was Cat Stevens' Tea for the Tillerman. On vinyl.

5. Last album you listened to: I've been listening to singles and my iPod lately. I think the album I listened to most recently was the Runaways' Live in Japan.

6. Favorite album of the 1960s: Pet Sounds.

7. Favorite album artwork: I love the cover of Rubber Soul.

8. Most underrated album: Bob Catley's Middle-Earth. It's a metal exploration of Tolkien, and it's awesome.

9. Worst album you own: I love David Bowie, but Never Let Me Down is pretty terrible. So is Tin Machine II, except for "Amlapura."

10. Best album to dance to: I don't know, I'm not a dance guy.

11. Favorite album of the 1970s: Bat Out of Hell.

12. Album you like, but you never thought you would: I never thought I'd like a U2 album all the way through, but Boy is great.

13. Most overrated album: OK Computer. I just don't like Radiohead.

14. Best album to cheer you up: Willie Nelson's Stardust. Or Bat Out of Hell. Or Pet Sounds.

15. Most disappointing follow-up album: Dead Ringer is certainly no Bat Out of Hell. I don't think it's as terrible as a lot of people have said over the years, but Bat was EPIC, and Dead Ringer is... well, it's just there, with a couple of decent tracks and some really bad shit. Meat and Steinman should never have ditched Todd Rundgren as producer.

16. Favorite album of the 1980s: Violent Femmes.

17. Favorite second album: This Year's Model.

18. Most listened to album: I couldn't tell you for certain. But it could easily be Bat Out of Hell. Or The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.

19. Favorite album of the 1990s: Live Through This.

20. Last album you recommended to somebody: Can't remember; I don't recommend music to people too often anymore, since everyone thinks my taste sucks.

21. Last album you downloaded: The new Selena Gomez & the Scene album. I got an iTunes gift card for my birthday.

22. Favorite album of the 2000s: Brian Wilson Presents: SMiLE.

23. Favorite third album: Hunky Dory, David Bowie.

24. Favorite fourth album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.

25. Favorite album of the 2010s (so far): I'll let you know when they start. (A decade does not start with the number 10, people.)

26. Favorite album of all-time: Pet Sounds.

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DrGoat said...

The fact that you chose the cover of Rubber Soul to be your favorite cover art makes you one of my favorite people.