Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hell's Kitchen

:: Russell, Russell, Russell... pull it together, man, they're just kids. What the hell was with him blowing up at that prom committee? Yeah, of course they're going to be pretentious little twats, they're high school students. Controlling the look, feel, and taste of the prom is going to be part of the legacy high school kids always think is so important, even though the school will forget by the start of the next year. Who cares? Just deal with it. You're in Hell's Kitchen, and these are clients of Hell's Kitchen, and swearing at a bunch of teenagers is not just terrible customer service, it also makes you look incredibly weak. He reminded me of a substitute kindergarten teacher I saw a couple of years ago who was actually trying to rationally explain to a bunch of six year-olds why they needed to be quiet and listen.

:: It was impressive the way the Red Team really pulled together and swept the prom dish challenge. Of course, it's practically a truism that being strong in a challenge means a weak dinner service. I'm not sure why that is. Is it the time away? Does it take them out of the zone so that they have to catch up again? This is why kids shouldn't get summers off.

Credit where credit is due: Sabrina did manage to pull her team together and show her worth in the dinner service. Good call she made when she picked Melissa and Emily to leave. Melissa was strong, but cooking 23 steaks at once? If there's one thing Gordon wasn't going to stand for, it was someone treating Hell's Kitchen like a fast food place. I was surprised he didn't send her off, but after watching the gears in Emily's brain grind to a halt time after time, it was really time to send her away.

(Although Russell trying to tell her to eliminate her strongest competitor, Gail, was pretty crappy. Good for her, too, for not listening to it. I've always noticed how badly Gordon takes it when he sees someone making decisions out of anger or strategy instead of really going with what's best for the kitchen. I have to admit, as much as I don't like her, Sabrina impressed me on this episode.)

:: What do you think? Is Boris a bad chef, or is it just that he's getting completely shut out by the guys now? They really do pick their targets, don't they? I don't know, Boris doesn't make much of an impression on me, anyway, but I'm surprised how quickly they turned on him. Guess he shouldn't have claimed to be the best chef in the kitchen.

:: On the second episode, we have Trev and Melissa switching teams. I guess Trev's whiny blow-up about his team not listening to him is what did the trick here; put him on another team where they might. I do hate it, though, when a guy is put on the gals' team and he comes over with this air of being the one in charge now. Still, good on him for staying on top of Sabrina, who is slow in prep and was overwhelmed on the garnish station.

I can't believe I was praising and am now defending Sabrina, though, because I don't think she was the one who deserved to be put up for elimination. Even though, once again, I had to endure her trashing her teammates as her major defense, Nona really should've been the one put up after the whole scallops debacle. And the guys don't like Boris, I get that, but they should have been smarter and put up Melissa for her scallop problem. Jeez, not only could she not cook them, she kept not cooking them until they ran out of scallops. That's not going to fly at all; she was rightly eliminated because of it.

I guess we'll see who goes next. Right now, it's looking like Sabrina and Boris are the obvious candidates, unless Nona keeps screwing up the way she did this week.

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