Friday, October 15, 2010

Hell's Kitchen and Others

:: Let's get the most important thing out of the way first: Holli was back in Hell's Kitchen. A guest at the chef's table for the 100th dinner service... and in that dress... oh, christ, someone give Holli her own show.

:: Seriously, what is wrong with the guys this year? There is just no cohesion at all; these guys all hate each other, and for a while they were able to aim it all on Raj and then, with him gone, Boris. But on this week's two episodes, the guys were just falling apart at the seams, their seething hatred and inability to work as a team just spilling over into everything they did.

What is Rob's deal? I mean, seriously, cooking macaroni and cheese is that hard? Watching him grimace and stir was almost comical. Watching him pout like an asshole in the second episode when he was supposed to be fumigating was just ridiculous. I really hate this guy right now. Jeez, suck up the loss and quit being such a whiny little prick.

And even Trev is just falling apart or cracking under the weight of his own self-importance. He really thinks he's the leader of the Red Team, but the women don't feel that way at all. Once again, he can't enjoy winning without screaming at his team about his place and the respect he deserves, even after helping to shut out Sabrina.

Seriously, I don't know who the front runner is, but you could just get rid of all the men right now. Their little cliffhanger made me roll my eyes, but I assume Ramsay's just sending Trev back to the Blue Team to see how the women do without him; when he was gone, they did function a lot better.

Other stuff...

:: I dropped Shit My Dad Says after the second episode. I thought I could watch it and just enjoy Shatner and ignore everything else, but it was just too stupid for that. The whole bit in the second episode with Will Sasso imagining Nicole Sullivan's breasts as spaghetti and meatballs was gruelingly unfunny even for Will Sasso. I couldn't even figure out what the joke was supposed to be. Are spaghetti and meatballs inherently disgusting somehow?

:: I also dropped No Ordinary Family. Just too mopey and boring. I know, I know, Heroes was also mopey and boring, but it had a couple of characters I was invested in.

:: I've been watching Boardwalk Empire, and I think it's... okay. It's beautiful to look at, but I'm not really caught up in the characters or the drama. It's interesting, and I like some of the actors in it (particularly Steve Buscemi and Michael Shannon), but it's not something I'm married to.

:: Is The Office going to keep being this bad all season? I'd really like Steve Carell to go out on a high note, but it hasn't been one so far. The producers seem to want to make Andy and Erin the new Jim and Pam, but Andy and Erin are impossible to care about. I hate every character except Michael and Darrell right now, and the only good scene in yesterday's episode was his phone call to Holly (which was ruined by the herpes joke--an examination of Michael's over-romanticizing was a great idea, but the herpes thing was just unfunny and gross).

:: I liked the 30 Rock live episode. I wouldn't want to see another one, but as a one-off gimmick, it was funny.

:: I was really, really happy to see Melissa Rauch on The Big Bang Theory again. Personally, I think Howard is the least funny character on the show--the writers are too often laughing at him, and the character is such a stereotype I can almost predict his punchlines. Having someone like Bernadette pop up humanizes the character, so I'm glad they brought her back. I hope she's around more this time.

Last night's episode seemed purposely designed to address fan criticisms of two dropped plotlines last year: Bernadette and Howard's relationship, and Raj working with/for Sheldon.

:: I wasn't surprised to see Better With You isn't doing well in the ratings. I watched the first episode and almost immediately forgot I ever watched it until I read that it wasn't doing well in the ratings. And it had Joanna Garcia on it, whom I love, but whose last three series have all been so bad that I couldn't watch them.


Drake said...

BBT did seem to be a "fix" for dropped plots from last year episode and i think it was a good thing.

30 Rock live episode seemed a bit like a "jumping the shark" one. What is the charm of a live episode that NBC seems to love?

I think Shit My Dad says would be better if they got rid of the loser/boring son. Last night they gave Shat a possible gf foil and bring back the Gay guy...characters that seem to work better with Shat's.

Kal said...

Holli? Holli? Holli in a dress? This is up next on my watch and pause list. Loves me some Holli.

I like the '30 Rock' live episode too - I expected alot since the writers and Tina all come from that background and it didn't disappoint. The use of Julia Louis Dryfus (sp) for Liz Lemon was a nice comedic touch.

Jaquandor said...

HK: My jaw dropped when Holli got out of that limo. And it stayed dropped.

I think that Russell may be the favorite right now, but wow...what a crew this year. Usually this is the point in the season where you can identify two or even three potential favorites, but only Russell seems to be emerging, and it's less of a 'wow' with him than just looking like less of a screw-up than everyone else. Trev looked like he was starting to emerge a bit, but then he totally fell apart and he's a whiny baby to boot. I think that the show might not want to do three seasons this close together next time...or maybe try to go back to bringing in real culinary talent and a little less "batshit crazy".

The Office is just painful. I liked the Sweeny Todd episode, but even that one started to fall apart toward the end. I can't believe how far that show has fallen.