Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Pumpkins 2010

We carved our pumpkins yesterday, and as usual, I thought I'd share them with you.

You know I always love the big, creepy smiles and wonky expressions. It may be derivative of some of my other pumpkins, but I added creepy teeth this year. I freestyle these things, but I just have so much fun doing it.

Becca did another one of these pin-up silhouettes, and I think this is her best one yet. I love the stitches on the Bride of Frankenstein here.

Here's my pumpkin all lit up. It was really windy last night, but we managed to grab a couple of pictures. (Look at how think the pumpkin was; it cut much easier than the one from 2008, though!)

Here's Becca's all lit up. I love how the stitches glow!

Becca's pumpkin is spectacular!


chunky B said...

Those are both awesome! Great job!

Dr. MVM said...

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pumpkins! Thank you for sharing.

Mob said...

Awesome pumpkins! Really great work.