Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Film Week

A review of the films I've seen this past week.

Alan Arkin is very good as a seafood restaurant owner who thinks he's missing out by not having an affair. He makes three awkward attempts at it with a sexy, modern woman (Sally Kellerman), a flighty young lady (Paula Prentiss) and a friend's wife (Renee Taylor), but each time is a disaster. Along the way, there's much mid-life crisis introspection, pretty much what you expect from Neil Simon. Not a bad movie, but like a lot of Simon, it gets a little tedious. *** stars.

Jeff Daniels stars as a reclusive author who wrote a very popular book 20 years ago and is now trying to reconnect with the world. It becomes easier when he falls in love with a sunny chiropractor (Lauren Graham), but their relationship is rocky and, honestly, movie-manufactured. Most of the rocky moments they have don't come organically, but through the movie's need to keep the drama going. There are some great observational moments, but they're tempered by the way the movie meanders towards a grand point it never really makes. Kat Dennings and Olivia Thirlby have criminally small roles. **1/2 stars.

The only thing scary in this unbelievably ridiculous horror movie is Tom Selleck's hair. His car is pretty hilarious, though; they want Selleck to zip around the Philippines in this little roadster, but his legs are so long he can barely get out of it without stumbling. No stars.

Ugh. I hope someone apologized to George Sanders for putting him in this before he kissed the world goodbye. No stars.

Edward Fox plays a nameless assassin hired by a radical group to assassinate Charles de Gaulle. A procedural film, following the Jackal's preparations for the assassination, and the attempts of the British and French police (led by Michel Lonsdale) to capture him. It can be a tad dry, but it's also riveting. **** stars.


Tallulah Morehead said...

I only stayed with Daughters of Darkness long enough to see Tom get out of the car. The credits alone were enough to tell me not to bother. Same with Psychomania, although there, the cast at least provided a temptation to watch, but not enough to compete with, say, putting on some DVD porn and seeing something well-made by comparison.

Drake said...

Psychomania, i love this film. Just don't take it seriously and have fun with it. OK maybe i just like weird movies. :)