Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Death in the Extended Family

My friend John in Liverpool lost his mum, Marie, today. She hasn't been well for some time. She was chairbound for a year or more, and John's been caring for her as much as he can, putting things on hold and devoting as much of his time to her as possible. He had been sharing some of the things from my blog with her, and Marie started calling me one day out of the blue and we became friends. We would just talk about how we were both doing or politics or what we'd seen on TV. One time she told me about working at a relief station for American GIs during World War II. I think she just needed the outside contact, and I was happy to oblige, because she was very nice and we sort of understood one another. It sounded like John was mostly caring for her by himself, and not many people were coming to see her.

Last week, she had a minor stroke and was taken to a care center. John called me to talk about it. He took it very hard. He sounded relieved that she was getting more professional care, but also a bit guilty about feeling relieved, and it was strange to him not having her at home all the time anymore. Sadly, he sent me an email just now informing me that Marie had passed away.

I wanted to publicly share my sadness, because she liked my blog and I loved talking to her on the phone, and I'm going to miss her a great deal.

John's pain I can only imagine.

I think Marie raised a really great son; one who did all he could for her, and one who misses her very much. I think John is a good testament to her.

Goodbye, Marie. I'll miss you.


Dr. MVM said...

Rest in peace Marie.

Drake said...

I know the feelings John is going through, you do feel guilty when the stress of taking care of a parent is gone but he must remember he did the best thing for his Mother, he was there for her and loved her and she's out of pain now.
Peace to John and to Marie.

Glenn Whidden said...

May I offer my condolences to you and your friend.

John said...

Thank you for this, Aaron. I know Marie would have felt very honoured.

John said...

Thank you all, in fact