Saturday, May 29, 2010

TV Report: Season Finales and Such

Well, everything I watch except for Doctor Who (and The Tudors and United States of Tara) have ended for the summer. This was not exactly an exceptional season of television. Not sure why, but there were very few high points this year, and a lot of the shows I love flirted with mediocrity.

Just some comments:

:: How I Met Your Mother finished up like the show I used to love--funny, emotional, believable, sweet--but spent a lot of the season trying too hard. I wasn't a fan of the abrupt end to the Barney and Robin relationship, especially since I thought the previous season did a really good job of justifying it. I really hope they do a better job next season of weaving in Marshall and Lily's decision to have a baby. I think that's what the show needs: maturation. It seems like all five of the gang have really gotten to the point where they'd rather grow up and be mature than hang on to their youth, and if the show does it well, it could really be something. It would also make up for this past season: instead of becoming dull, it could be that the characters are just tired of their routine and want to get on with their lives.

:: I really don't care about Leonard and Penny's relationship on The Big Bang Theory--wtf do they even have in common that we're supposed to think they work together?--but I really hope they pick up next season after Sheldon's "date" with Mayim Bialik. We need to see more of that. Also, Bernadette just gets dumped offscreen in a mention after the fact? She was wonderful! What a letdown...

:: God, I love Castle.

:: God, I wish Heroes was coming back.

:: Lee DeWyze? Really, America? Out of 100,000 people, the screechy bastard was the best "singer"? Give me a break. I don't think I'll be suffering through American Idol next year, not without Simon Cowell (ineffectual though he was this year). This show has just devolved and devolved, and I don't want to sit through another year of the same 12 types they pick every fucking time.

:: I already mentioned how much I loved Lost. One of the greatest shows ever.

:: Modern Family and Cougar Town are two of the pleasantest surprises I had in the 2009/2010 season. I thought both shows were fantastic, and I look forward to having them back next year. I already talked about Ugly Betty and how satisfied I was with the ending. I actually don't miss it; in my mind, the series is over and done with, it ended on the right note, and the story's finished. I'm glad I had it while I did. (I feel the same way about Lost; everything's complete, and I'm pleased to have been told an engrossing story.)

:: Jesus, I hope The Office is better next year. This was a stunningly mediocre season. Just worthless. There were a couple of decent episodes, but those episodes only skated by on my residual affection for the characters and having some good gags in spite of how middling the show has become. Seriously, things need to get a lot better than they were. Same goes for 30 Rock, while we're at it. This just makes it more galling that Parks and Recreation isn't coming back until January, because it's been the best show on NBC's Thursday line-up all season.

:: I am so looking forward to the next season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. More Yoda next time would be nice, though. I think my favorite episode is still the very first one, with Yoda leading the rookies into battle with a droid army.

Wow, 5 shows I loved on ABC this year. Never thought that would happen...


John Seven said...

Aaron - Speaking of Lost ... as we do ... you might find this NYT interview with Cuse & Lindeloff interesting -

They talk candidly about the show and the creative process of telling that story - addressing the process differences in plotting a TV show with, say, a novel. It's interesting and it speaks to why TV shows rarely end, they either get cancelled or peter out, and Lost is one of the very lucky ones. It just confirmed what I already discerned and made me respect them more. Plus, despite what they say, I still liked the 3rd season flashbacks.

Also - have you watched the British show Being Human? I think you would like that. Also, I've fallen in love with the slightly trashy, slightly brilliant British drama Bad Girls, about a women's prison. It REALLY seems up your and Becca's alley to me - lots of drama and fun.

SamuraiFrog said...

Thanks for the link; after reading what you said last week (or so) about the 3rd season flashbacks, when the whole series is on DVD and I watch it over, I think I'll see those particularly in a new light, especially without the deceptive ABC announcements promising revelations.

I haven't even heard of Bad Girls. I'll have to check that out. Sounds fun. And you're something like the fourth person this week to tell me I should watch Being Human. I need to check this out...

John Seven said...

Being Human has a good story, but is really great for the characters - major and minor - and the acting. It comes alive.

In case you're not too sick of reading opinions on Lost, here is a piece I wrote for the newspaper about it

My aim was more to prepare DVD viewers for what they were about to encounter and perhaps lure in a few snobs who might not give it them time of day because of the hype, its genre, whatever.

John Seven said...

Oh! i forgot I was going to tell you that Being Human is created and written by the guy who wrote the great Dr Who episode about the vampire girls in Venice ...