Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Is NOT Linda Lovelace

I saw this and another poster going around on the internet and wondered what the heck was going on. I didn't know that Inferno, the Linda Lovelace biopic, had progressed to the stage where we were getting teaser posters.

Turns out, it hasn't. The movie's not even a done deal; the rights to Linda Lovelace's name haven't even been bought yet. It also turns out that, despite earlier reports that it had happened, Lindsay Lohan hasn't even been cast in the movie. She just wants the role so badly that she and her people have been telling the media and anyone who will listen that she has been. That was supposedly her official reason for being in Cannes, or so she told the media (and the media dutifully reported): to promote Inferno.

She's so desperate for the role that she even hired Tyler Shields to do these posters for her. I wonder how much she paid, considering her mountain of credit card debt.

It's just kind of sad to see, is all. There was a time when I would've believed Lindsay Lohan could've played almost anything. Now she's just desperate and her talent fell by the wayside long ago. However you felt about her, Linda Lovelace deserves better than Lindsay Lohan.

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bwana said...

Is it based on those crappy books where Lovelace made a bunch of shit up?

I'd watch Lohan get fucked by a dog if they recreate Dogarama. If they get a decent dog.