Friday, March 26, 2010

Bill Donahue's Defense of Child Rape Is Laughable

Have you read Catholic League president Bill Donahue's attempt to pass the guilt of child-raping priests on to therapists? It's as hilarious as it is offensive. Here, translated from the bullshit into English, are his main points (with my commentary in italics):

1. Sexual molestation is terrible, sure, but this is an internal matter. (Here he's confusing sexual harassment with the rape of children. While sexual harassment, in LIGHT cases, can be an internal matter, the rape of children is a CRIME.)

2. Everybody does it and has been doing it for a very long time, so why single out only a few to take the punishment? (The typical religious response: well, it's some kind of tradition, so that makes it understandable. Again, we're talking about raping and sexually abusing children.)

3. Therapy failed, so any continuing child abuse by Catholic priests is the fault of the cultural zeitgeist of 30-40 years ago. (That's... that's just stupid.)

4. When Cardinal Ratzinger decided to make it official Vatican policy that child predators not be dealt with by the law but instead be moved to fresh hunting grounds and the parents hushed up with money and/or threats... come on, that was three decades ago! Let it go! (In other words, the official Catholic League position on those who assume--and are given--moral authority then breaking that trust and molesting and raping little kids is "Get over it.")

5. If a police report wasn't filed 30 years ago, there is no crime. (Okay...)

6. The media focuses too much on the Catholic Church's sex crimes, when Jews do it, too! (Don't look over here, look over there! Look! LOOOOOK!)

7. Public school teachers who abuse kids are transferred around or assigned to administrative work, and the media never reports on it. (Uh, yeah, that's why we never hear about teachers who have sex with students, right? Those people lose their jobs, go to jail, and are removed from having any dealings whatsoever with children. And even if it were the case that public school teachers are getting passed around, that doesn't actually make the sex crimes of the Catholic Church any less than they were. Nice try at moral relativism, but we see right through that.)

8. It's "selective justice" to focus on the Catholic Church over other sex abusers. But, as always, those of us not beholden to the Catholic Church hate it so much that we'll just make up whatever we can to bring it crashing down. (Another tired and typical religious argument against people who aren't religious: we all just love focusing on the imperfections of the Church because we supposedly hate it so much.)

So, in essence--and you can read his piece if you think I'm being unfair--Bill Donahue's defense of the Catholic Church really just boils down to "Sure, the Church raped and molested a bunch of kids, but so what? Other people do it, too."

The Catholic Church has lost any claim to moral authority, if they ever had it (I don't think so, but I'm one of those atheist God-haters). What Donahue should be indignant about is not the investigation into priests who abused dozens, even hundreds of children, but that any of the abuse happened, continued to happen, and that it became the official policy of the Catholic Church to do nothing more than to transfer priests to areas where they would rape and abuse again. He should be upset that an organization which preaches compassion and faith and human dignity could do something so awful, so destructive to community, so inexcusably evil as this.

Instead, Donahue proves that, in reality, too many people (especially those in power) are beholden not to the words of the faith or ideology they pretend to follow, but to the organizations they want to protect. If the Catholic Church has a cancer of the massive, systemic, and officially sanctioned cover-up of criminal child abuse, then it seems to me that anyone who really believed in the Catholic faith would want nothing more than to have that cancer cut out of the faith. If the body is corrupt, it must be healed with honesty and by the law in accordance with the severity of the crimes.

But Donahue just makes excuses. And so do many others. And the Pope simply ignores it.

Donahue, I notice, won't even use the word "child" in his editorial. He knows he's full of shit. He knows what he's defending. And he's a scumbag for doing it. Only someone with no morality would try and excuse and defend the rape and abuse of children. And only someone trying to assuage his own conscience in doing so would put this at the feet of liberals and atheists and a news media that mythically hates Catholics for the sake of hating Catholics.


Tonio Kruger said...

Many of the people who have been most angry about this ongoing scandal are Catholic. I once spent hours talking on the phone to one such coreligionist after a particularly hypocritical sermon was given on the subject in our local parish. And the Rev. Andrew Greeley--who is a Catholic priest and who once wrote a book on anti-Catholic prejudice--has been criticizing for years the way the Vatican has been handling this scandal.

Bill Donahue is just another hypocrite as far as I'm concerned.

As one fellow Catholic once noted, should we not expect higher morals from a Catholic priest than we do a mere layperson? Apparently not in Bill Donahue's eyes.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I was raised a Catholic and I have taught in Catholic schools and there is a community within the schools and the church that takes that exact point of view. I had no patience for it and spoke often and unapoligetically against this bullshit but they don't want to hear it. The whole organization needs to be bombed and paved over. But they don't care. They have Africa to abuse and convert now while preaching to them the dangers of condoms in an AIDS ravaged part of the world. The Pope is the worst one. He just LOOKS evil. It's how I know there isn't a 'god' because at that level you would think any higher being would have time to bitch that prick out.

Roger Owen Green said...

Maybe it's morning sleepiness, but I was finding some parallels to virtually every issue of racism, sexism and homophobia that no one (except the victims) wants to talk about: we can take care of it ourselves, others do it, it's society, the statue of limitations has passed so get over it, you're persecuting me so it's reverse racism/sexism, et al.

Zarathustra said...

Well, I was just wondering... Since this is 'Palm' Sunday, Do these Pedarists have ANY 'SPECIAL' CHILDREN THEY'D LIKE TO RAPE ON THIS 'SPECIAL' DAY? I'M REALLY SICK OF all of THIS ALREADY... AND I KEEP WONDERING WHY CATHOLIC PARENTS STILL ALLOW THIS shit TO GO ON? IF THEY WEREN'T THE 'sheep' THEY ARE... ready to be lead to the slaughter, I'D EXPECT TO START FINDING THE BODIES OF THE OFFENDING priests littering the streets! And that would be perfectly alright with me. Sometimes Vigilantiism is the right way!!!

Tommy Salami said...

As a former Catholic, anyone involved in covering up child rape should be arrested for conspiracy. The church's assets should be seized until they comply, and we should cut diplomatic ties with Vatican City until Ratzinger pushes forth real reform. I'm disgusted with the church.