Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Meme

I can't remember where I got this, it was a long time ago...

Favorite Christmas…
01. Non-Jesus-related song?
"Good King Wenceslas"

02. Jesus-related song?
"O Holy Night" is my favorite Christmas song.

03. Santa-related song?
"Here Comes Santa Claus," specifically the Gene Autry version.

04. Fictional character?
Ebeneezer Scrooge. I read A Christmas Carol every year.

05. Dinner’s main course?
As long as I eat, I'm not particular. Because one year, we didn't.

06. Dinner’s dessert?
Pumpkin pie is a necessity for me this time of year.

07. Scent (pine, gingerbread, candles…)?

08. Animated movie?
I can't think of a Christmas-related animated movie I need to see every year. But there are shorter cartoons and TV specials that I love to watch every year, like The Snowman, Mickey's Christmas Carol, The Brave One, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.

09. Non-animated movie?
It's a tie between the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol and The Muppet Christmas Carol.

10. Personal memory?
The Christmas where Becca and I tried to go to my dad's and couldn't make it because it was so icy. We went back to my mom's (where I was living at the time) and no one was home; my sister was already at my dad's for the week, and my mom was out at a Christmas party. So Becca and I just stayed in, ordered pizza, and watched The Man Who Would Be King on video for the first time. Warmed my hermit's soul.

11. Story/Fairy Tale?
If it weren't obvious, I love A Christmas Carol.

This or That
12. Candy cane or peppermint patties?
Neither. I don't like either one. I also don't like Christmas cookies. But I do like chocolate. And my late grandma used to make the best fudge every year.

13. Sugar or gingerbread cookies?
Neither. See previous question.

14. Tinsel or beaded strands?
I don't really care. I don't like having to clean up static-electricity, Christmas-morning-fire-causing tinsel. Becca likes beaded strands, and we have some on the tree. They're okay.

15. Multi-colored or same-colored lights?
Multi-colored. One of the things I like about Christmas is that it reminds me of being a carefree kid, so I've got a lot of cartoon characters, DC superheroes, etc on the tree, and the multi-colored lights really add to that.

16. Flashing or still lights?

17. Wreaths or mistletoe/holly?

18. Rudolph or Frosty?
Frosty, if I have to choose one, but I don't really care for either of them or their accompanying TV specials. I do, however, like the version of "Frosty the Snowman" by the Ronettes.

19. Sledding or snowball fights?
I loved both when I was a kid. Now I don't care. If I had kids, I'd probably be into both again. I used to especially love when my sister Jayne and I would have these elaborate snow fort fights with my dad.

20. Snow or ice/icicles?
I despise snow and ice.

21. Snow hat or earmuffs?
I've had both, but I wear a hat now.

22. Getting or giving?
Neither, honestly. I'm so poor the last couple of years that I can't afford to give gifts, and I love to give gifts. And I feel guilty getting them because I can't give them. I don't ask for anything anymore, and my dad's been hounding me for the last couple of weeks about what I want. He says not to worry about being able to get anything, because everyone knows my situation, but it's just more stress for the holidays to me.

23. Snow days or plow trucks?
Plows. My wife needs to get to work (retail, so she's doing 60 hours a week right now, poor thing), and I'd love for her to do it without getting in an accident.

24. Stockings or presents?
Stockings, because my stocking was made by my grandma and is therefore awesome. She used to make a wonderful stocking for everyone. Christmas especially makes me think about her. She died in 2000.

25. Cookies & milk or letter to Santa?
Cookies and milk, but that's true any day.

26. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
I like the dark and quiet of Christmas Eve. But really, I especially love the day after Christmas.

27. Log Burning Channel or real thing?
I've never lived anywhere where we had the real thing.

28. Cards or emails?
Cards are really nice, but emails are nice too. Just knowing that someone took the time to wish you a happy holiday is the real gift.

29. Shoveling or cleaning off the car?
Well, they both suck, but if I have to pick one, cleaning off the car beats having to shovel any day. However, since I'm in a parking lot, there are times when I've had to do both. I never hated snow this damn much until I had to spend 30 or 50 minutes digging my car out of a parking lot that never gets plowed.

30. The Inn’s manger or the animals?
I don't care.

31. Mary & Joseph or The Wise Men?
I don't care as long as I never have to see The Nativity Story again. Boring and terribly made.

32. Hot cocoa or eggnog?
Cocoa, but eggnog is good, especially for making French toast.

33. Jack Frost or Little Drummer Boy?
Don't care.

Here I cut out a bunch of stuff, and I'm too lazy to re-number it all.

First Thought That Comes To Mind When You Hear…
67. Snowflake!
Baby. I don't know why.

68. Pinecones!
Home. There were pine trees in back of the house I grew up in.

69. Elves!
The Lord of the Rings. Sorry.

70. Sleigh!
Jingle bells.

71. Presents!
Wrapping paper.

72. Cookies!

73. Misletoe!
In this case, misspelling.

74. Rudolph!

75. Blizzard!
Potential car accidents, because I know my wife won't stay home from work.

76. School’s Canceled!
Staying indoors.

77. Ice Skating!
My Aunt Amy. Boy, she was bad at that. And she kept thinking the ice was going to break on the pond. But it never did.

78. Santa’s Lap!
A Christmas Story

79. Black Friday!
Work. I used to be retail, too.

80. God’s Son!

81. Melting Snow!

82. Lumps of Coal!
You probably deserve it.

83. Nutcracker!

84. Ho Ho Ho!
Santa Claus

85. North Pole!
Global warming and starving polar bears.

What’s a Winter Activity YOU Do…
86. …In the snow by yourself?
I try not to go out in the snow by myself. I try to stay indoors as much as possible.

87. …Inside by yourself?
Put my annual Christmas playlist back together. It's always changing, but there are a lot of Christmas songs I just need to hear. It makes great background music.

88. …In a public place (with/alone)?
Again, I don't go out and do Christmas stuff if I can help it.

89. …With friends/family in the snow at home?
Look, I'm not going out in the snow, god damn it.

90. …With friends/family inside at home?
Watch TV. Christmas episodes, Christmas movies, Christmas specials, Christmas cartoons. It's a pop culture Christmas every year for me, and that's the way I like it.

Grade/Rate Holiday Movies A – F
91. A Christmas Story. A+
92. How The Grinch Stole Christmas? A+ if we're talking Chuck Jones. C if we're talking Ron Howard.
93. The Santa Clause? D+, but a B+ for The Santa Clause 2. It's cute and a lot less whiny.
94. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer? B-, but certainly an A for the line about how Rudolph "knew the important thing was to get the women back to the cabin." Ah, 1960s sexism, how you make me laugh.
95. Frosty The Snowman? C
96. Home Alone? B-, I guess. My mom loves this movie. And, like George Costanza, I admit I cry because the old man gets to me.
97. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? F. I do not get how this suddenly because a Christmas classic in the last few years.
98. Elf? B+.
99. Miracle on 34th Street? A+. A must see for me every year. The remake isn't so good, although I thought Richard Attenborough was a great Santa Claus.
100. A Charlie Brown Christmas? A+

I cut some more stuff out here, too. Man, this is a long one.

Christmas At My House…(one or the other)
111. Tree is fake/real?
Fake. And pre-lit, too. We have a nice-sized apartment, and we actually have three trees, but the one we usually put up is a pre-lit tree that's about three feet tall. I don't have the time or energy to fuss with a real tree, nor do I have the time and energy to put up with those people who think having a real tree makes them somehow better than everyone else. If you prefer a real tree, that's cool, I just personally don't.

112. Tree is under/above 4′?
This one is under. The other one we have is six feet, and Becca has an aluminum tree (which is very Becca, isn't it?) that's also six feet.

113. Open presents Christmas Eve/Day?
Christmas Day, since I have to go to two different homes. When we were kids, Jayne and I used to be allowed to open one present each on Christmas Eve.

114. House/entire yard is decorated?
We usually decorate more inside than we did this year. We don't decorate the outside.

115. Amount of presents under the tree?
Right now, Thumper is the only thing under the tree. I think he loves having it out; it gives him something to get under and he sleeps on the tree skirt. Now that we've got him trained not to pull on the tree or knock it over, it's really nice and homey to let my bunny sleep under the tree.

116. Snowman is a male/female?
We don't have a snowman here.

117. Go for Santa/Jesus?
I'm not sure what that means. I love Santa Claus, and I'm an atheist, so there you go. My tree topper is a Santa Claus holding gifts and robe in white and gold instead of red and white. He reminds me of Odin, which is perfect for a fir tree, since that's got nothing to do with Jesus, anyway, so get over yourselves, Xians.

118. Homemade/delivered/takeout Christmas dinner?
Let me tell you, a Little Caesar's pizza beats everything for me. But Christmas dinner isn't an event for me, either. My favorite food on Christmas? My dad always makes pancakes and eggs and bacon in the morning as we're opening presents, and my dad makes the best pancakes and eggs and bacon that anyone in the history of time ever has. That's a real treat for me.

119. Bedtime is before/after midnight?
I'm a tired old man. I usually go to bed around 10 or 11, Christmas or no. I'm especially tired now, since two nights ago my neighbors downstairs had a very, very loud party that started around 10:30 at night and continued on, no shit, until about 8:00 the next morning. I think I got about two hours of sleep, and I'm still exhausted.

120. Wake-up is before/after 7am?
My whole life, I've usually woken up between 5 and 7, depending on the time of year. When I was a little kid, of course, I'd get up for Christmas morning around 3. Way, way too excited.

121. Go/don’t go to church on Christmas?
Again, I'm an atheist. I was raised Lutheran, and we used to go to church on Christmas Eve. My mom likes to go early on Christmas morning, to the 6am service, which is far less crowded. I used to hate when church was crowded on Christmas and Easter, because the casual Christians would only show up on those days. Something about that just seemed hypocritical to me when I was a kid. Now I just don't care.

122. Pray & sing Happy Birthday/do nothing before bed?
"Happy Birthday"? Do Christians actually sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, because that is adorably hysterical. Again, an atheist, so I don't pray. Sometimes I have sex with my wife, which is much more spiritual than apologizing for being human to an invisible friend. Again, you have your beliefs, I have mine.

123. Do shopping before/after Thanksgiving?
When I can shop, I usually do it after. I'm not a fan of Christmas shopping, except that I like to look at the new ornaments. I haven't even seen them this year.

124. Low-key/over the top decorations (inside and out)?
I don't even think about that. I don't pride myself on how my decorations look, because they're for me, not to impress anyone.

Have You Ever?
125. Built a snowman?
Of course. If you haven't built a snowman, go do it now. I'll wait.

126. Heard Santa’s sleigh?
127. Seen Santa & Rudolph in the sky?
I'm not three, okay?

128. Sat on Santa’s lap?
I know I have. There's even a picture somewhere. But I don't really have any memories of it.

129. Shoveled the driveway/sidewalk?
Ugh, yes.

130. Made snow angels?

131. Built a fort/igloo?
Yep. One year, my dad got the great idea to use a planter as a snow brick maker. It was awesome.

132. Wrote a Christmas list?
Yes, but in the past 10 years, only when forced to.

133. Wrote a letter to Santa?
Yes. That's how I discovered there wasn't a real Santa. I found where my mom had stashed mine and Jayne's letters to use for Christmas shopping. My mom told me not to tell my sister.

134. Left cookies/milk for Santa & reindeer?
Yes, and we left carrots for the reindeer, too. My dad always did his fatherly duty and ate them, but left some behind half-eaten and the glass only half-full for the complete Christmas effect.

135. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
Of course.

136. Went caroling?
Never, but I still love to sing Christmas songs.

137. Got hurt during the winter season?
No, but my dad sure did. Jayne and I still tease him about the year he "invented snowboarding" by trying to surf down the hillside on one of those crappy sleds that rolls up. He went down hard and sprained his neck. But he drove himself to the emergency room. That's very Davis--I'd do the same thing myself.

138. Gone ice skating/sledding?
Yes, both. Pond skating and rink skating.

139. Kissed under a mistletoe?

140. Experienced/saw a miracle happen?
I don't think so. I've had eerie coincidences, like anyone.

141. Get everything you wanted for Christmas?
No, but who does? And what does it matter?

142. Cooked/baked?
Yes, many days in my life. We actually did make Christmas cookies last year, because Becca likes to do it, and I like Becca to do what she likes.

I cut out some more things here. Man, this is long. I'm mostly cutting out quiz-type stuff.

True Or False
181. You prefer to stay inside where it’s warm?
Truer words were never spoken.

182. You’ve given something (or $) to charity?

183. You spent more than what people spent on you?
I don't think that's ever happened, which makes me a little sad.

184. You like to take your time opening presents?
I feel so guilty these days that I don't even like to open them anymore.

185. The thing you want most this year costs $100+?
Yes, but only because I most want new tires for the car. I'm not asking anyone for that, it's just what I want.

186. You expect to get more than 10 presents this year?
Man, I hope not.

187. You’re a Scrooge/Grinch?
I don't think so.

188. Christmas = snow?

189. You know the lyrics to more than 25 Christmas songs?
Oh, indeed. I love Christmas music.

Grab Bag
190. Three best things about Christmas?
The music, if it's done right (none of this Rod Stewart or Michael Buble crap). The imagery. And how quiet and still it gets here when all of the college brats have gone home to their parents.

191. Worst Christmas song?
I especially hate "Last Christmas" and "The Christmas Shoes." For as much as I love Christmas music, there's a ton of shitty Christmas music out there.

192. If you were a Christmas character, who would you be?
Never thought about it. Santa Claus, I guess.

193. What type of decoration should stop being made?
Dunno. I'm sure there's something that irritates me (there always is), but I can't think of anything right now.

194. Tastiest holiday treat?
I love Hershey's Kisses. Not strictly Christmas, but there are always some in my stocking.

195. Favorite pop culture Christmas icon?
I like Charlie Brown and his little tree.

196. Know how to make cookies/brownies/cake from scratch?
Of course.

197. Ever cut your mouth on a candy cane/candy?

198. What other culture would you like to experience Christmas with?
I've never thought about that, either. I wonder what Jayne's doing in Australia for Christmas. Really, it would be interesting anywhere. I always used to read or see specials about Christmas around the world when I was a kid and think they were very interesting.

199. What kind of pattern/pictures do you like on your wrapping paper?
Nothing specific; I've had all kinds. A traditional looking Santa, snowmen, abstract designs, wreaths, Disney characters. Just whatever I see that strikes me.

200. Will you make a Christmas picture for your blog/website/profile? I do a new banner every year. So there's that.


Mr. Arkadin said...

"Thor!" I'm still laughing...

Nathan said...

From what I've read, before Christianity took hold in Europe, most of the mythology now associated with St. Nicholas really WAS about Odin.

Do you still have Little Caesar's in your area? They used to have a fair number of them around here, but they eventually closed down, and you could only find them in Kmarts. They actually just opened a new Little Caesar's down the road, though.

Nice pictures, by the way.

Booksteve said...

You can't be a "tired old man." What that make me!?