Monday, September 21, 2009

TV Report: Accidentally On Purpose

What an incredibly grating show. I mean, grating. And embarrassing. Any critic who said this show was terrible is being far too kind. I used to love Jenna Elfman--back on the first, maybe also the second season of Dharma & Greg, as terrible as that show was. She seemed so deft when it came to comedy. Well, a number of movies have lessened my opinion of her talents considerably (did she ever actually make a single good movie?), and this show just kills it. Watching her flop sweat as she tries to oversell something that's not really that funny to begin with... she's too broad for her own good, and frankly, this shit show doesn't deserve the effort.

I can't believe that Ashley Jensen left Ugly Betty to be a stereotype on this piece of shit.

I unadopt you, Ashley Jensen. That's how awful this was. I unadopt you, Ashley Jensen. Leave Mars at once.

I watched this show accidentally, and I'll be staying away from it on purpose. Seriously, just a terrible excuse for a sitcom.


Drake said...

I'm glad to see someone else thinks this show is a train wreck. It's the worst thing a comedy show can be, unfunny.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I knew better than to watch it. I saw how bad it was going to be just by watching the promos.

Splotchy said...

Ms. Jensen has been officially unadopted.

Man, a two-time unadoptee. That's rough.

wiec? said...

i've been on a TV fast myself for some time now and i don't even miss it anymore. a TV fast means no hour long cop shows or dramas and no sitcoms for me ever again. or until i call off the fast. so far (6 months) so good. it's good because it keeps me from watching crap like this show.

except if shows are on HBO. which is not TV. it's HBO.

that said i'll read that Bored To Death Review of yours after i see the 1st episode. don't want to spoil it.

MC said...

In Ashley Jensen's defense regarding the UG departure... that was more a commuting thing than any desire to be on the above mentioned show (she owns a home in LA and was flying to New York to be on Betty).

Yes, it is a bad show... I could tell just from the premise, but if this was the best role Ms. Jensen could get, then I am willing to forgive her this once.