Saturday, January 24, 2009

Green Monkey Saturday Playlist

Rather than do a new playlist today, I'm going to talk about my choices in the newest Green Monkey Mix, Numb3r5.

1. The Rolling Stones: 100 Years Ago
2. Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs: Care of Cell #44
3. Suggs: 4 AM
4. Tenpole Tudor: Swords of a Thousand Men
5. Jack Penate: 1234
6. The Byrds: One Hundred Years from Now (Gram Parsons vocal)

1. This is a single from the Stones' Goat's Head Soup album. Like most of that album, it's not remotely Satanic. (Seriously, the Stones image as a Satanic band is seriously ridiculous. They really shouldn't have pushed that, especially not on albums where "Angie" is the main single.) I love the guitar part; it's just a breezy bit of late-sixties rock.
2. This Zombies cover is one of my favorite songs. Susanna Hoffs' vocals just make this thing soar for me.
3. Suggs is, of course, Lord Suggs, the lead singer from Madness, who had his own solo album just recently, The Lone Ranger. I really just wanted to get something like Madness on there.
4. I just think this song is neat. Tenpole Tudor were labelmates of Madness back on Stiff Records.
5. A live, jangly cover of the Feist song.
6. And I figured this makes a good pairing with the Stones song. This version was a bonus track on the Sweetheart of the Rodeo CD; there's also a version of "The Christian Life" with Parsons singing instead of McGuinn. I managed to find a version that cut nearly a minute of studio chatter. Why they went with the McGuinn vocals over the Parsons I don't know (except they sound more classic Byrds-like), but Parsons has that quality to his voice, that quality, that just sells a song like this.

So, those are my choices. Check out what everyone else has up, too. And as always, thanks to Splotchy for letting me participate once again!


Roger Owen Green said...

From the liner notes of Sweetheart of the rodeo CD: "When Lee Hazlewood found out that Parsons was recording with The Byrds after the breakup of the [International Submarine Band], Hazlewood claimed to have Parsons under exclusive contract, and Columbia got spooked." Thus no Parsons lead vocals on "This Christian Life" and "You Don't Miss Your Water".

Dale said...

I wondered who that 'Suggs' was and now I know, love the song. The Tenpole Tudor was excellent to hear again and I loved the 1234 cover as well. Great selections and explanations!

Splotchy said...

Thanks a lot for playing, man. I hadn't heard any of these songs (apart from the original Feist song!).

Hey, is this your third mix? I'll have to check. You might be a Green Monkey master!