Friday, December 05, 2008

Throwdown 12/5

Random thoughts, questions, and observations for the week.

1. Not that this is big, big news, but I’m glad ScarJo is back to her red hair. I didn’t realize I’d missed it that much. She was one of the only redhead to blonde conversions that looked really good.

2. So, do the stills being released for Wolverine look faggy because Hugh Jackman is kind of faggy, or because all superhero movies are kind of faggy on one level or another? I mean, Gambit's in the movie, so it's already going to be pretty fey, and HugJack's pretty fey all on his own. I'm just surprised at how... fabulous it all looks. Did Joel Shumacher or Bryan Singer direct this?

3. Paris Hilton can’t find a record label willing to release her second album. Between that and Ann Coulter having her jaw wired shut, atheists appear to be losing the argument.

4. Gort looks pretty cool in The Day the Earth Went Whoa. Now that I’ve seen this image, I don’t need to see anymore of that stupid-looking movie which, sadly, will probably be a hit.

5. I don’t really understand the point of doing Rome as a movie. There was some buzzing about it this week, but… didn’t practically every character die in the last couple of episodes? Why bother? (Also “why bother” to me this week were the announcements of remakes of They Live and Romancing the Stone and Arthur. Ridiculously stupid ideas, but I don’t have the energy to deal with them. Remake announcements don’t even phase me anymore; I guess I’m getting good at ignoring them.)

6. Vagina Hero. Yeah, it’s a real game. How can America be as uptight a place as religious leaders insist it is when we have something like this? Awesome.

7. Madonna’s new Louis Vuitton ad. I wonder how much they ended up having to pay George Lucas for having Industrial Light & Magic retouch the photo.

8. Makes sense to me.

9. Does not make sense to me.

10. AIG had to write a letter to the attorney general of New York assuring that their top executives wouldn’t receive bonuses this year. You’d think a company in need of a taxpayer bailout would find it pretty obvious, but AIG hasn’t figured out that pricey retreats/parties on the taxpayer dime are also a big no-no. Why expect clear thinking now? They couldn’t even do an honest business.

11. Turns out the Tibetan glaciers are melting faster than previously thought, which will have devastating consequences for people who depend on the water in the Himalayas for their lives and livelihoods. Can you imagine if global climate change were real? Then we’d all be screwed. But thankfully, as the American government has always insisted, it’s a myth or something.

12. The Democrats are still pissing and moaning over the fact that, a month and a day since the election, Barack Obama hasn’t led us out of the economic crisis with the snap of his fingers. Seriously? Seriously, guys? Because I heard that braying jackass Rush Limbaugh saying that the lack of a sudden stop of the economic crisis (as though it were that simple) means that Obama’s presidency is already a failure. Democrats, you sound exactly like Rush Limbaugh with your little baby fits. You fucking little ingrates; you just won a majority in Congress and the White House and still you dumbshits can’t be happy or patient. Yeah, I know things suck right now, believe me, I know. But politics is not a switch, it's a process, and it takes time. And I can’t believe I have to keep saying this, BARACK OBAMA IS NOT THE PRESIDENT YET. And it’s not the job of a President-Elect to inject themselves into the business of the president. It never has been. Get a fucking grip and shut the fuck up.

13. CNN has laid off its Space/Tech/Environment reporting unit. So CNN, one of the biggest news sources in the country, doesn’t think space or the environment is worth reporting on in depth anymore. Our world just keeps losing its grandeur.


Neil Sarver said...

I don't know if "in fairness" is the right term, since I agree with you regarding the bailout, but the vastly different time periods means that the "values" of those within the framework of the time in which they happened and the percentage of the GNP, etc, would tell a noticeably less dramatic story.

Art said...

Shame to hear about the firing of the Space/Tech/Environment section of CNN. It's times like these where I miss John Edwards and his plans to bring back the nobility of NASA, and science in general. I know the President-Elect has a lot on his plate, but I hope Space is somewhere on his to-do list.

Megan said...

#3 made me laugh out loud.