Monday, July 07, 2008

Meanwhile, In Cedar Rapids

I was in Iowa one year when it flooded, and it wasn't nice. I hope everyone over there is dealing with this as best they can and getting their lives back in order. There's more rain in the forecast this week.

Didn't John McCain veto a bill to shore up the levees in Iowa? Said it was pork?

Make levees, not war.


Mayren said...

oh that's so scary and sad.
I know alot of good folks
who live in Cedar Rapids and
work for Transamerica/ Aegon.
I hope they are doing better now.

Suzy said...

Oh, no -- not the A&W!

The photos are shocking. It is hard to imagine when you are not living on a flood plain.

There was an op ed piece in our local newspaper this week that was interesting. Apparently many people have been comparing the reactions of those brave Iowans to the whiney, lazy, good-for-nothing residents of NOLA who were "looking for a hand-out." (That doesn't smack of any racism, does it?) It was very well-reasoned and humane (not that the people who say such things are either reasonable or humane.)

I don't know how Des Moines and cedar Rapids are drying out. There is a town not far from me in Wisconsin, where parts of it are still sitting under fetid water. The problem is, it's built on the flood plain of the Wisconsin River. There's a U.S. highway that runs down the middle acting as a dam, so one side is under water while the other side's fields need regular irrigation. It's crazy.