Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Perils of Self-Advertising

Someone left one of those new-form spam emails on my Masters of Animation: Chuck Jones post, in which I stated that Jones was thought to have had a photographic memory, with one of those comments that start with a generic compliment and end with an endorsement for another website. This one has "tips" on how to develop a photographic memory.

The best part of the comment was this: the misspelling of photographic memory as photgrapic memory. And not in the comment; in the actual URL for the website he was schilling.

So... I guess the photographic memory "tips" don't work?

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Luke said...

That's a great post. I found a website on developing
photographic memory and I've tried the tips that they offer. They worked pretty well for me. It's at www.photograpic-memory.org