Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Democratic Party Will Eat Itself

Former candidate Bill Richardson, one of the few with a platform I liked, endorsed Barack Obama this week. James Carville called it "an act of betrayal" and said "Mr. Richardson’s endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic."

Are you serious? Bill Richardson is Judas and Hillary Clinton is Jesus? Are you fucking serious? Was that a serious statement?

It's statements like that which are making this campaign such an incessantly noisy nightmare. Liberals are just out for blood this time. Yeah, we know it's very important to get the Republicans out of power. But come on, guys. If you can't even get behind a single candidate, if you love one candidate so much that you're willing to act like a total asshole to anyone who disagrees with you, you're not a liberal. You're an asshole. The media is having a field day with the blood in the water, and bloggers especially are acting like this is the freaking apocalypse, and that their single vote is the one that's going to decide the entire future of America. While it's nice to finally see a bunch of people realizing that their votes matter, they've taken it too far, and the supporters of Obama and Clinton are little more than football hooligans. Stop fucking swiping at each other. It's over. I'm fucking sick of it. All this campaign has done is make me hate politics, hate the candidates, and hate America. Why doesn't everyone start acting like adults for once and get the issues straight instead of whining and fighting and back-biting and acting like a bunch of retarded lizards? You want people to vote responsibly? Then shut up and do the same thing. How about a little decorum? This is a presidential campaign, not a ratings war.

And before I start thinking realistically again, a message to James Carville (not that he's reading, but still): statements like that don't help anything. Hillary Clinton is not Christ. And you're a fucking asshole for saying something that was actually even too dumb for you. Lick my balls with that shit, Carville. You've become a caricature of Duke from Doonesbury instead of the other way around. Please accept my invitation to shove your head all the way up your ass. Cajun style.

Seriously, no wonder nobody roots for America anymore. We can't even get an election right. All we can argue about is who's nicer than whom and who's more like Kennedy/King/Buddha/Jesus. Do you want to fix this thing or not? It is your country.


Anonymous said...

Carville was a douche bag back in the Clinton era and he's still a douche bag. He was the Turd Blossom of the Clinton years, actually. He talks out of his ass and always has. Thankfully, I don't think anyone cares about him anymore, do they? Does anyone listen to what this douche bag has to say?

Some Guy said...

Whenever I shove my head up my ass, I try to do it cajun style. It adds a little zing.

Bubs said...

I gotta tell you, I put most of the blame for this on the Clinton camp.

What you're seeing is typical Clinton politics--they love to get down in the gutter and fight it out, and dirty everyone up, figuring that much like the cockroach they can endure. I've always said that, short of any candidate since Richard Nixon, the Clintons would both probably crawl through broken glass and eat a dog turd Pink Flamingos-style to win a race. I'm sure that the Clintons are happy that Obama is no longer the candidate who transcends race, but is the "black" candidate.

Now that the Obama people, who thought they'd be able to get the nomination in a lofty, idealistic manner, are getting a real boxing lesson from Clinton, they're lashing out too.

Get ready for 4 years of President McCain.

fairlane said...

I'm writing in Dr. Seuss.

Yes, he's dead, but at least that way our expectations would be more realistic.

SamuraiFrog said...

John: Only when he says something this idiotic that gets him quoted in the New York Times.

Some Guy: Zing!

Bubs: Absolutely; the Clintons are putting it out there, and the Obama supporters are pushing back with equal fervor. I'm still figuring it'll be McCain. Congratulations, Democrats, for messing it up once again. I hope I'm wrong.

Fairlane: The way things are going, Dr. Seuss has as much a chance as anyone.

mwb said...

Well, if the Dems are going to go down the path of cannibalism - just make Carville first and I'll count it as a net plus.

I suspect that that one of the reasons for the extremism this year is that the Dems have a real chance to win the Presidency this year so the hunger is extra strong amongst candidates and their supporters.

Of course, I also have absolute faith in the Democratic Party's ability to lose in the end too...

SamuraiFrog said...

Yeah, that's what worries me. If Dems get so caught up in the fighting, it's not going to matter who the candidate is.

Why did they need to start this primary a year early?

Anonymous said...

Duke was a caricature of HST (Dr. Gonzo hisownself)