Friday, January 04, 2008

Through Cosmic Links the TARDIS Flies

A few days later, here are the links for December.
I stumbled across this on Deviant Art one day. Turns out the artist has a whole gallery of these on her Flickr page. Go and look at them, they're absolutely wonderful. Even the fact that they exist is wonderful. In a similar vein, Becca's been posting some more of her art, including these sexy drawings of fairy tale characters.

Now, if I can just get these drunken babes out of here and back to their own homes, I'll have some excellent pop culture links. And here they are!
* Splotchy has the lowdown on the second season of Heroes.
* Becca has loads of fun stuff: new pictures of Evangeline, Miss Piggy singing with Rudolf Nureyev, some sexy Playboy babe, a look at her Christmas trees, a Barbie photoshoot, an appreciation of Myrna Loy, a story about working the holidays in retail, a look at her Christmas ornaments, the apparently "contentious" Aria Giovanni, a look at The Reluctant Dragon, the very cute Nauga Monster, sexy Sophie Howard pics, sexy Dita pics, and a post about the masterful motion picture Kwaidan. Damn!
* Ken Levine looks at Hollywood plastic surgery, more WGA strike news, Nick Counter, Kellie Pickler, Juno, Walk Hard, Steve Martin, and the best quotes of the year.
* Dr. Monkey reveals his origin story! He also has pictures of a white squirrel.
* Peter Lynn: Conversations I Shouldn't Have Had. Also, a little bit of title confusion and five years of great Christmas music.
* Piper applauds Jodie Foster, considers digital vs. reality, posts a trailer for the must-see movie featuring a drill bra, and makes a Christmas wish list for the movies.
* Dr. Zaius has found the most suggestive Batman and Superman panel of all time.
* IGN talks to David Cohen about the future of Futurama.
* MWB has the funniest LOLCat in the history of the world. Seriously, joke's over, this is the winner.
* JA keeps my bisexuality running with Jake Gyllenhaal. Damn.
* Of all the posts relating to Christmas, this one from Bubs made me feel the best. Though I also love Santa Whale. Seriously, love him.
* I didn't link them last month, but Lee finished his appreciation of the Star Trek series with The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country.
* Cap'n Dyke found some terrific insults.
* Tosy and Cosh ruminates on the making of King Kong.
* WCBS-TV looks at mistakes in Best Picture winners and nominees.
* Here are not one, but two posts about what a huge bitch Katherine Heigl is. Did anyone else happen to see her wedding pictures? What was with that groom? Damn, buddy, did your own wedding get in the way of your couch-riding, scraggly facial hair-farming day? Thanks for dressing up for the most important day of your life. The divorce countdown starts now.
* Scurvy has some amazing guitars.
* Roger Ebert's 10 Best Films of 2007
* A BBC story about new species discovered in New Guinea.
* The Times Online has an article about the Disney references in Enchanted.
* Animated Views: The Best Animation DVDs of 2007
* Fleshbot: The Year in Porn Movies
* Thank you, PJ!
* The Free Articulator and John Patterson both see the upside of bad movie situations.

And, of course, it's time to look at the political and such. It's not all shallowness here.
* Dr. Monkey has words for Glen Beck, religious enthusiasts, and you, America.
* Distributorcap looks at the electoral college, Jenna Bush on Ellen, Congress's vote on Christmas, Mitt Romney's long distance relationship with the truth, the whole steroids-in-baseball-thing, Bush's latest address, and Pakistan.
* FranIAm has an LGBT rant and a rumination on Huckabee and Catholicism.
* Is Sherri Shepard some kind of retard or does she really just not care how ignorant she is?
* Some Guy steps inside the mind of President Duh.
* T. Rex takes a look at Liberal Fascism.
* Jess Wundrun on Ghouliani's health.
* The Rude Pundit addresses presidential candidates, the relationship between Bush and Congress, some brief observations, HR 847, Fuckabee, ethhics and morality, and Mitt Romney.
* Good morning, America. How are you? Don't you know Splotchy? He's your favorite son. And he rode out to the city of New Orleans: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.
* For those of you who still (for some reason) support Bush: a look at the censored news stories and the financial cost of his mismanaging of America. And here's a great (and long) list of the Bush administration officials who've run out of office amid scandal.
* And finally, Dr. Zaius has a story I've never even heard about, but which gave me a rectal prolapse when I read because it's, uh, vaguely important.

Well, last night Scarlett and I took a shuttle from Mars to my birth state of Iowa. We ate and walked around Des Moines and saw the hospital I was born in and that buffalo at the state building and the house by the fair grounds my grandma used to live in. So, one the way, she was practicing the fifteen-minute speech she gave in support of the candidate who isn't John Edwards, and I was reading the best links I could find to end the year with. Here they are: MWB's kooky religion, Peter Lynn's holiday lessons for 2007, Cracked's list of things we should pretend never happened in 2007, retroCRUSH's list of the most annoying things of 2007, and The Beast's annual 50 Most Loathsome list.

This was actually a single release in the early seventies. Weird, but kind of neat.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for the link love my friend.

SamuraiFrog said...

Of course!

The Creature said...

If you haven't checked out Amy Meberson's webcomic, Thorn, you should. One of the best out there.

FranIAm said...

Link love from you! I am so delighted to find myself among the blogoscenti here. Very nice.