Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hilary's Muff

Hilary's muff went out to sea
to find herself a sailor,
but each and every one was gay
and wouldn't think to nail her.

And though each sailor lad was proud,
and each a naval freeman,
none gave a thought to poor Miss Muff
and gave her any semen.

And so Miss Muff came back to land
to find she was embarrassed
because each prick was limp and slick
from bumping uglies with Paris.

And so Miss Muff was all alone
on meaner streets and chilled, so
she straightways went back to her home
and arms of Mister Dildo.

And so, the moral of this tale,
is clearly right in view,
but when Duffster's muff was all alone
then where the Hell were you?

--Phillip A. Ellis

1 comment:

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I would never leave Hillary's muff in a huff.

I stroke it, pet it, kiss it and maybe do the same to her duff.

Yes of course I'd do it without her consent so I'd be taken away and handcuffed.

But I promise you by the time I was done Miss Hillary would be feeling well chuffed.