Monday, December 24, 2007

Two Great Christmas Presents

I've been enjoying the heck out of the Simian Secret Santa. In a twist of fate, I drew Barbara and Barbara drew me. She gave me one gift I can certainly use: a place to put more of my stuff. I loved it; its usefulness is matched by its thoughtfulness. Also, in a stunning coincidence, she and I both chose to use the TARDIS as a central theme. Marvelous; Barbara and I are on the same wavelength. How have I not been reading her blog? That's one mistake I intend to not make anymore. Thanks again, Barbara!

Here's another wonderful Christmas present: I'm once again inspiring long, whiny posts from shut-ins. I left a comment on this Skullcave post to the effect that I thought this blogger was taking his opinion and deconstruction on the intent of female anatomy far too seriously, and called him pretentious and overbearing. He chose to prove me wrong by writing a pretentious and overbearing post about his apparently more pure, noble, and genuine love of women, at the same time feebly attempting to deride my love of women as somehow trashy, simple, and obvious. Missing my point--that he was overintellectualizing the "contentious" intent of Aria Giovanni's bosom--completely, he apparently felt I had made some sort of attack on his intellect. Then, after what I can only assume was a long and intense crying fit, he fired off a post that is little more than a transparently desperate attempt to protect his own bruised ego by trying to wither mine. But since I care about his opinion considerably less than he obviously cares about mine, I simply found it hilariously ridiculous. It really is quite amusing, if you can get through the whole thing in one go. It's basically the same theme repeated over and over again to ludicrous intensity before ending with a, er, withering quote from The West Wing (Aaron Sorkin of course being the Ibsen of our time). He implies I'm some sort of anti-intellectualist who hates educated people. All of that blustering and blowharding and showing off simply because I thought it was over-the-top and a little intellectually dishonest of him to justify enjoying women by reducing a pair of tits to a socio-philosophical analysis.

Well, I am educated. I certainly don't hate educated people, or think that they're soft and privileged. He missed the point, but he's hurting and soothing himself with his words, so that's okay. I understand. And I may be plain-spoken, but that doesn't make me anti-intellectual. I may not be, um, intellectual enough to make my point using a quote from a turgid and overwritten TV show. But then, I'm not an effete snob. I don't need to show off how smart I think I am. I'm comfortable simply having an opinion and a discourse, and don't need to grovel to people I've never met for approval.

I look forward to yet another long, whiny post about something I've said. I believe this is the second one. As far as I know it is; I don't really keep up, and if Becca hadn't told me about the post, I'd have missed it. So far, it's been hilarious that someone can be so obsessed with what I think of them that they'll go to absurd lengths to make themselves feel better. It's a wonderful present for Christmas to see someone so interested in what I say and think. If only it were someone I actually considered an intellectual, it would be fun, too.


Chance said...

Dude. I say this as someone who admires your writing and genuinely cares about your health. You're getting into a blog debate with someone you've never met about how to talk about boobs.

Go out and get some fresh air. Merry Christmas!

MC said...

To me, it seems that SF is rather merry about the whole thing, so I think it is indeed a good thing.

And debating about fine gozangas on the internet with people you don't know is like a peanut butter meeting the milk chocolate moment in terms of intellectual discourse online. Especially since in debating the topic, images eventually pop up as well.

PJ said...

As usual I can see both sides of the argument. Ben's entitled to his opinion; I am not attracted to La Giovanni, but would never say so on Becca's site.

On a few occasions I have commented when Becca has posted pics of Aria, but only when I have something positive to say about them (maybe I like the outfit, or pose, etc.)

I'm quite happy that Becca and I have slightly different tastes in girls - if we ever meet up and go out together looking for talent in a lesbian bar we won't be fighting over the same girls...

Kiss and make up guys, mine are the only breasts you should be fighting over. ;)

Ben Varkentine said...

At first I couldn't remember what other post you were talking about.

Am I right in assuming it's the one in which I expressed my exasperation with you for thoughtlessly spoiling the end of the Doctor Who season?

If so, c'mon, man, you know you were wrong.

Confidentially, you want to think hard about whose posts you call long, my verbose acquaintance.

I'll also note that you were the one who made this personal, for I said nothing about you as an individual.

I don't think you hate educated people-just that you feel one shouldn't use such qualities to express perceptions of beautiful women.

Or, evidentially, any qualities possessed by anyone out of elementary school.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I stopped reading his whiny lil' blog when he asked no one in particular why Kiera Knightly had to 'ruin' herself by smoking in "Atonement." He got all whiny and pissy when I reminded him that she was acting.

As far as you "spoiling" the last Doctor Who season, when I saw you were going to talk about the shows that you had seen and that I hadn't, and wouldn't for months until they aired them on Sci Fi, I simply stopped reading the post. Anyone who half a brain would have done the same thing, unless they like to whine a lot.

SamuraiFrog said...

Chance: Who's debating? I'm just amused. Merry Christmas to you too!

MC: Ha! But do I really need discourse to show the gozangas?

PJ: I think calling it an argument is giving it a lot of credit.

Ah, PJ, you know I'd fight over your breasts any day.

Ben: Hey, man, you read someone else's blog, you take your chances on what they're going to say. You don't have to read it. Get a grip.

Calling it personal is giving it a lot of credit. I think it's frigging hilarious. I mean, you basically implied--as you do in this comment--that I'm some kind of anti-intellectual, which is wrong. Keep missing my point if that protects your fragile ego. If I think it's reductive to discuss a woman in the bloodless, impersonal, pseudo-philosophical way you prefer to, that's really my own business. You'll feel differently when you've actually touched a woman, instead of appreciating her for purely architectural reasons.

Dr. Monkey: The king is to you, sir.

SamuraiFrog said...

This is really the gift that keeps on giving!

Splotchy said...