Friday, August 24, 2007

Link It or Not

Dita Von Teese, now single again, has been wondering why she can't meet a guy with manners who'll treat her right. Believe me, I have no idea. Maybe she's hanging out at the wrong places. She should go on vacation and clear her head. Maybe to a rural Illinois college town where she could meet someone polite, sensitive, and devoted. While I pine away, you can read more about her in this Q&A on RADAR Online.

* Cap'n Dyke has ten Han Solo quotes that can be used in a porno.
* Ken Levine previews the fall movies (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)
* Splotchy has posted the second Green Monkey Music Project Mix: Snotty Ass Rock 'n' Roll.
* Chance has a Peanuts strip that made me laugh.
* Peter Lynn has a shirt that I want.
* Cinematical thinks it has a list of 7 teen sex comedies that don't suck. Actually, these movies all suck.
* Pajiba reviews Ethan Hawke's movie The Hottest State. Read it; it confirms what I thought, but it's hilarious. Take that, Slacker Generation.
* Speaking of bad movies, Queersighted has a hilarious review of High School Musical 2 and its truly heroic gay content.
* FranIAm has a picture of a horrifying Jesus statue.
* Tom the Dog laments the waste of talent in Hollywood.
* MC found a Family Guy parody that begs the question: What if Seth McFarlane had to be creative for once?

You know, the reason I stopped reading so many comic book blogs is that I got really tired of hearing about how every woman ever portrayed in any comic book ever was a victim of gender stereotyping and sexism. I'm sorry, there are genre conventions and there is actual sexism. Anyway, I'm in agreement with Sleestak on this week's Most Sexist Cover of All Time, this one featuring Batgirl.
* Dr. Zaius also talks Batgirl, asking you to decide between her and Batwoman. He's also got a neat post up about Edie Sedgewick.
* Cover Browser has some funny covers revealing Superman's identity. Jess found that link, I stole it from him. He also got punk'd.
* I think in this case Jaquandor is probably right.
* Ken Levine has the best advice I've ever heard from a homeless man.
* Bubs deciphers a strangely nationalistic pizza.
* Want more Dita? Who doesn't! Becca has some very pretty pictures of her, as well as my favorite pictures of Dayna Delux yet and more sexy Aria Giovanni.

Michael Skube is the newest corporate-controlled idiot who doesn't understand the blogging revolution. Dr. Zaius takes him to task, while Rick Salutin defends blogging (thanks to Cap'n Dyke for the link).
* Freida Bee notices that the media manipulation of politics. She's right, too.
* The Rude Pundit asks an important question about Rudy Giuliani.
* Jess Wundrun examines the newest way the Republicans are trying to steal your vote.
* Gareth Porter looks at Bush's Killing Fields analogy.
* DCup has something about the war that shouldn't be ignored.
* Is Cracked parodying the 35 Percenters?
* I have no opinon on this Angry Ballerina post.
* Sherry reports the discovery of a new chemical element.
* Jess Wundrun and Dr. Monkey have some words on scumbag Michael Vick.
* You know we're going to war with Iran, right? Just ask Robert Baer, Rep. Bernie Sanders, and DCup.
* Bill Maher is coming back tonight. Here's what he did on his summer vacation.


Dr. Zaius said...

Thanks for the links! I am very happy that Batgirl that everybody is talking about Batgirl!

Tom the Dog said...

Every time you link to me, I know I'm doing something right. Thanks! And hope you enjoyed my new Hotties A to Z post. I figured the primary audience on that one was you.

MC said...


Sleestak said...

So far only guys have agreed with me.

SamuraiFrog said...

Dr. Zaius: Batgirl is too awesome not to talk about.

Tom: I did enjoy it! I'm trying to decide if I should follow in your footsteps again on that one.

MC: Willkommen.

Sleestak: I'm really not surprised.

Ben Varkentine said...

I was once in a bar with a group of young women all of whom talked about nothing so much as what good girlfriends they were, and how they didn't think their boyfriends treated them right.

Finally I had to say, "Well, maybe you're with the wrong guys. Did you think of that?"

Apparently, they hadn't.